Friday, August 1, 2014

Beyond Cloth Diapers: Alternate Uses for Wetbags

Wetbags are a great solution for storing dirty cloth diapers until laundry day. However, their utility extends well beyond diapers. Here are a few ideas for alternative uses of wetbags you may not have considered!
  • Storage bag for the pool or beach - Wet bags are the perfect, leakproof place to put wet towels and bathing suits after a day at the pool or beach. And once you're home, they can be thrown in the wash along with the contents of the bag.
  • Gym clothes - Transport sweaty workout gear home in a bag that not only contains smells and wetness, but is easily laundered and ready to go back to the gym the next day.
  • Toiletry bag - Have you ever opened your suitcase to find a bottle of lotion or shampoo has spilled all over your clothes? Never worry about this happening again by placing all of your toiletries in a small wetbag before packing.
  • Travel bag for dirty clothes - While traveling, use a zippered wetbag to store your dirty laundry and never come home one sock short again!
  • Keep on hand for accidents on the go - Wetbags are a useful item to keep in your car or purse for those unexpected spills and messes. They are a much more convenient option than searching around for a plastic bag as well as a cleaner option than balling up soiled clothes on the floor of your car.
  • Menstrual product storage - Cloth diapers aren't the only reusable products that can be stored until laundry day in a wetbag. A wetbag is ideal for keeping soiled cloth pads in one place until time to wash them. Some companies manufacture mini wetbags specifically for this application.
  • Protect electronics - Wetbags are perfect for storing items away from accidental exposure to moisture while away from home.
  • Ice packs - A small wetbag can easily be transformed into an ice pack. Fill with ice cubes for an instant first aid accessory that is comfortable and stays dry.
  • Universal storage bag - Anything that can be stored or transported in a plastic bag can be stored or transported in a wetbag too! And unlike plastic bags    that are typically thrown away after one use, reusable wetbags are a more environmental-friendly option to put cosmetics, snacks, drinks, toys, first aid supplies, medications, dog treats, loose items in your purse - the possibilities are endless!

Besides cloth diapering, how do you use wetbags?


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