Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cloth Diaper Cover Care & Use

Cloth Diaper Cover Care and Use 

With the abundance of cloth diaper brands and styles, the convenience and ease of cloth diaper
covers is often overlooked. Covers, most often made from polyurethane laminate fabric or PUL, are waterproof and versatile, but more importantly comfortable and breathable for baby.

Unlike pockets or all-in-ones (AIOs) that have the absorbent layer either sewn in or stuffed into them, covers are not absorbent themselves, but serve as a waterproof layer when worn over flats, prefolds, or fitteds. And because they can be used with flats, prefolds, or fitteds, they are customizable to work with any wetness level. Similar to pockets and AIOs, covers are available in both snap and hook and loop closures, and are either sized to fit various weight ranges or one-size with a snap down rise to accommodate most sizes.
Covers, like our Wolbybug Covers, offer several advantages over pocket diapers and AIOs. They are economical; covers are often less expensive than pocket diapers or AIOs, and covers can be wiped clean and reused from one diaper change to the next (as long as they are not soiled), which translates to fewer covers for your diaper stash and more money in your pocket. Covers are laundered just as pockets and AIOs, yet they can be line or machine dried in a fraction of the time.

PUL diaper covers are typically associated with cloth diapering, however, fleece and wool covers also provide breathability and wetness protection. Some wool covers require the extra step of lanolizing to maximize absorbency, however they can be used multiple times before washing and often make the difference between an unsuccessful and successful nighttime cloth diapering routine. Fleece covers offer wetness protection that is more affordable than wool, but usually cannot be used over as many changes. 

Cloth diaper covers have come a long way since the rubber pants of the early 1900’s. They are easy to use, comfortable, effective at containing messes, and as a bonus, they are available in just as many fun prints and colors as other styles of cloth diapers!

So tell us, how many cloth diaper covers do you own?


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