Friday, November 22, 2013

Pants and cloth diapers, let's talk about fluffy butts!

There's a reason cloth diapers are called "fluff"...they sure can make a fluffy bottom for your little one! In the summer, you can use your cloth diapers as "pants", but with colder temperatures in the air, you may be struggling with ways to get pants that fit over your diapers. Here's a few tips:

Jeans from Project Pomona
1. Pants made for cloth diapers!
There are pants made especially for cloth diapers! These pants have a bit more room in the back for the fluffiness of you diapers and are a guaranteed fit!

2. The stretchier the better!
Using leggings or other stretchy pants will help keep your little one's diaper covered. Jeggings are a great option, especially for baby girls!

3. Size up!
If you find that your child's normal clothing size isn't cutting it, go up a size and just roll up the legs if needed.

4. Use a trimmer insert!
Make a change with your diapers. Use an insert that is equally (or more) absorbent, yet trimmer! Hemp is a great solution!

Do you find that dressing your baby in the cooler months is harder with your cloth diapers?


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