Monday, September 16, 2013

What to stuff in your pocket diapers!

Are you looking to replace the inserts in your pocket diapers? Perhaps your inserts are old and not doing the job lately. Or maybe they just don't provide enough absorbency. There are quite a few options for adding new life to your pocket diapers.

Microfiber inserts- Replace your old inserts with new microfiber inserts. Typically, microfiber will need to be replaced after 2-3 years of use. It will become flat and less absorbent.

Adding hemp- If you find that typical microfiber inserts aren't absorbent enough for your baby, adding hemp can boost the absorbency. Hemp is trim and absorbent! You can add a hemp doubler or try a Loopy Do insert which includes both hemp and microfiber in one insert.

Nighttime absorbency- If you need something to stuff inside your pockets to absorb for a whole night, try Super Do inserts! These super absorbent inserts made of microfiber and hemp work great for overnight or heavy wetters.

Natural fibers - If you prefer to only use natural fibers inside your pocket diapers, consider using prefolds instead of microfiber. Just trifold the prefold and stuff!

What do you use stuffed inside your pocket diapers? 


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