Friday, June 7, 2013

Tips for getting past the teething stage!

Teething can seem like a never ending saga. As soon as one tooth comes in, another is right behind it. You may be frustrated with whiny, fussy babies and sleepless nights. Here's a few tips to help ease the pain for your child.

Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces
Looking for a safe, natural way to ease teething pain for your baby or toddler? These necklaces release healing oils that soothe your little one's discomfort.

Cold Wash Cloth
Give your child a cold or frozen wash cloth to chew on. The coldness will ease the pain and the wash cloth gives them something to bite on.

Teething Toys
Many teething toys will give your child some relief because they will have something to gum down on. Try Sophie the Giraffe, a favorite at our house!

Frozen fruit chucks
Take chunks of frozen fruit in put them in a mesh teething strainer. Your child can bite or suck on the strainer and you won't have to worry about choking hazards.

Just remember, eventually, your child will get all of their baby teeth and you will get past the teething stage. Hang in there!

Have you tried any of these teething tips?


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