Friday, May 3, 2013

When is it time to potty train? Advice needed!

Help! My toddler (20 months), who I'm not sure is ready to potty train has a new habit and it's driving me crazy! Let me set the scene:

It's bath time, one of his favorite parts of the day. He gets in the bath and plays, sometimes standing up and squeezing his muscles "down there" to force himself to pee. He thinks it's hysterical! When he gets out of the bath, I wrap him in a towel. Sometimes I carry him to his room across the hall and sometimes I let him run free. Either way, the second he is out of my hands, either in his room or on the changing table, he does it again! He squeezes those muscles, smiles, and pees! If I say "no!", he'll stop and laugh.

Not my toddler, but anotother
mischevious naked one!
I've tried carrying him to the potty and telling him to go. I've made the little "sss" sound and point his "thing" down, to indicate what I'm talking about. I've been enthusiastic, promising him treats, but nothing happens. Sometimes he will smile, make the "sss" sound, try to point his thing down himself, but he never pees. After a minute, he gets upset and says "all done". I try my hardest to encourage him a little more, but in the end, I give up and carry him to his room and quickly get his diaper on.

He does it because he thinks it's funny. He realizes he has control over it and makes it happen. This to me is a sign of potty training, but he doesn't show all of the other signs to let me know he's ready. I can sit him on the potty for 20 minutes with a book, the tablet, or singing songs, and nothing happens.

My plan was to start potty training this summer, when he could be in our backyard without pants! I need your advice, all you potty training experts! Am I doing something wrong? Does anyone have any tricks?


Anonymous said...

my DD showed interest when she was 23 months old. she took off her diaper and refused to put it back on. She told us when her diaper was dirty, so we bought her a potty chair, let her run naked and when she started to pee I sat her on it and....she went. we were all like yay! 5 days later I had to take the cover off my couch and scrub it, get resolve carpet cleaner and scrub my carpet. And we put diapers back on her. She lost interest and would just pee where she was. I stopped asking her if she had to go and waited patiently for 3 months. 3 weeks ago at 26 months she took off her diaper, sat on her potty and peed. I gave her some tic tacs and told her what a good girl she was. The next day without me saying anything she brought me her bucket to her potty chair and it had poop in it. I gave her a big bag of m&m's and did a happy dance lol. I refused to put diapers on her after that. I didn't want to confuse her. She would only pee if she was naked. So once she got the pee and poop down, I put on loose cotton shorts. The minute she started to go in them and it ran down her legs she freaked and yelled mama off! After that she took off her own pants to use the potty. A good thing about her is she isn't afraid of the big potty. She has a little potty, but I also sit her on the big potty with no seat just the potty and she likes to balance on it and she will go. We are working on underwear now and she is doing good. I can say she is officially potty trained with a few accidents here and there.

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