Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cloth 101: How many diapers do I need?

So you've decided to cloth diaper and it's time to build your stash! But how many diapers should you buy? This post will help you determine how big your stash should be!

average number of diapers needed per day
Newborns: 12-15 diapers
2-6 months: 10-12 diapers
6+ months: 8-10 diapers

You'll want to do laundry at least every 3 days to keep smells away and protect your diapers from damage.

number of diapers need in your stash
Newborns: 36-45 diapers
2-6 month: 30-36 diapers
6+ months: 24-30 diapers

If you can't afford to buy your stash all at once, start small! Washing daily is okay if needed. Also, if you have to fill in diaper changes with disposable diapers for a while, you are still saving money with cloth! Every little bit helps!

Of course, if you develop a cloth diaper addiction, Knickernappies can't be blamed for a stash that can get you through a whole week or two without washing!

So how many cloth diapers do you own?

Monday, May 20, 2013

Win over $600 in prizes, Enter the "I'm a Hip Mom and Love Cloth Diapers Sweepstakes!"

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Make cloth diapering Easier with these accessories!

Cloth diapering may sound overwhelming at first, but if you arm yourself with the right tools, it'll be smooth sailing! Check out these cloth diapering accessories to make your journey a little easier.

Doorknob Diaper Pail: Store your dirty diapers in between washing in a waterproof diaper pail! Our diaper pail hangs on a door knob, out of the way! No need for a big diaper pail to take up space!

Wipes Solution: Clean your little one's bum in between changes with wipes solution! It will make clean ups easier and is perfect for sensitive skin.

Diaper Sprayer: Save yourself the hassle of worrying about what to do with the poop and invest in a diaper sprayer! You'll get tons of use out of it, I promise!

Wet bags: You'll need a safe place to store your dirty diapers when on the go! Grab a couple wet bags to make life easier on you! Having two in your stash will mean you always have a clean one available.

Fleece Liners: Protect your diapers from residue left from diaper rash creams with fleece liners. They'll keep the cream off of your cloth and save you the headache of buildup in your diapers.

Doublers: Boost absorbency for road trips, overnight, or just a heavy wetting baby with a doubler! Just add it to your diaper to absorb more of the moisture and avoid leaks!

So, do you have any of the above accessories?  Some?  Let us know if you agree that you can make cloth diapering easier with these accessories! 

Friday, May 3, 2013

When is it time to potty train? Advice needed!

Help! My toddler (20 months), who I'm not sure is ready to potty train has a new habit and it's driving me crazy! Let me set the scene:

It's bath time, one of his favorite parts of the day. He gets in the bath and plays, sometimes standing up and squeezing his muscles "down there" to force himself to pee. He thinks it's hysterical! When he gets out of the bath, I wrap him in a towel. Sometimes I carry him to his room across the hall and sometimes I let him run free. Either way, the second he is out of my hands, either in his room or on the changing table, he does it again! He squeezes those muscles, smiles, and pees! If I say "no!", he'll stop and laugh.

Not my toddler, but anotother
mischevious naked one!
I've tried carrying him to the potty and telling him to go. I've made the little "sss" sound and point his "thing" down, to indicate what I'm talking about. I've been enthusiastic, promising him treats, but nothing happens. Sometimes he will smile, make the "sss" sound, try to point his thing down himself, but he never pees. After a minute, he gets upset and says "all done". I try my hardest to encourage him a little more, but in the end, I give up and carry him to his room and quickly get his diaper on.

He does it because he thinks it's funny. He realizes he has control over it and makes it happen. This to me is a sign of potty training, but he doesn't show all of the other signs to let me know he's ready. I can sit him on the potty for 20 minutes with a book, the tablet, or singing songs, and nothing happens.

My plan was to start potty training this summer, when he could be in our backyard without pants! I need your advice, all you potty training experts! Am I doing something wrong? Does anyone have any tricks?

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