Monday, April 8, 2013

Wing Droop: What is it and can it be prevented?

What is wing droop? 

Wing droop is caused by the sides of the diaper not being supported along the hips and waist. The extra fabric can droop at the hips below the waistline. This can cause gaps at the legs and frustrating leaks.

Wing droop typically happens with diapers that are too large or have snaps on the front. If your baby is smaller or skinny, you may find that wing droop happens more often. Also, the diaper may look like a great fit at first, but as your baby wiggles, crawls, or walks, the fabric will work it's way loose and droop down.

You can prevent wing droop by using side snapping diapers! Side snapping diapers keep the fabric in place around the hip, waist and thigh, and prevent the diaper from drooping too low. Both our custom fit and one-size diapers have hip snaps which keep the diaper held up in the right place!

You'll be happy to avoid the leaks and gaps and your baby will be free to play without fear of losing his diaper!

Do you notice a difference with wing droop when you're using side snapping diapers compared to front snapping?


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