Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cloth Wipes your way!

Making the switch to cloth wipes is easy and worth it! You'll save money and realize how much better cloth wipes do at cleaning up than disposable wipes. One cloth wipe can easily do the job of 3 disposable wipes! Just throw them in the diaper pail and wash with your diapers. There are different ways to use cloth wipes and it is up to you which system works best for your family.

Spray Bottle with dry wipes
Keep a spray bottle full of either water or wipes solution next to a stack of dry wipes. Just spray and wipe!

Tip! The spray method works great on wiggly babies! Just one quick spray on the diaper area seems to get their attention.

Pre-moistened wipes
You can also pre-moisten your wipes so they are ready to go at each diaper change! Just prepare your solution before hand and pour over your wipes. You can store them in any wipe container you choose! There are wipe warmers made specifically for cloth wipes that leave out the pop up feature. Or you can store them in a pop up container and make your wipes pop up! See below for a great video tutorial from!

Have you made the switch to cloth wipes? What works best for you?


The Voter said...

I made my own wipes. I just spray with water as I need them.

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