Thursday, March 28, 2013

Diaper Sprayer = Necessary Luxury

I've recently moved to a new house and with that comes lots of adjustments on the normal things of life while you're transitioning into that new space. For example, the installment and use of a diaper sprayer is an adjustment I had to make while living in my new house for the first few weeks. When we first moved I didn't bring the diaper sprayer over because I didn't really see it as a need and it was just one more thing to tote over from our old house. Plus, there was no one living in our previous house so we could afford to leave a few unnecessary items there.

After about a week we brought the diaper sprayer back to our house and during that time my daughter started having teething poop. You know the kind: runny and very soft with a touch of acid. I was so happy to have my diaper sprayer back in the house. The only problem was that we needed a different part to connect the sprayer to the toilet in the new house. You know what that meant? That meant teething poop and having to do the good old swish and flush method sans diaper sprayer for another five days

Now I will tell you, a diaper sprayer probably isn't a necessity when it comes to cloth diapering, however, after a week of nasty poop without a diaper sprayer I will tell you that it's definitely worth the extra bucks. The Knickernappies diaper sprayer costs $43.99; think of the luxuries (a few meals out, a few coffees made from a coffee shop, you get my drift...) in life that you could eliminate for a little while to afford the diaper sprayer that will last you through the entirety of your cloth diapering experience. We've had our diaper sprayer since 2008 and it still works the same as it did when it was brand new. I also think, after being sprayer-less for two weeks, that your cloth diapering longevity will greatly increase when the use of a diaper sprayer is present. My little sister is currently pregnant with her first and will be cloth diapering her son. She was visiting with us and had her first experience with the swish and flush method of dirty diapers. Needless to say, she's fully willing to purchase a diaper sprayer.

Like I said, a diaper sprayer is probably more of a luxurious necessity than an actual necessity. I'm not saying that you have to have a diaper sprayer to be able to cloth diaper successfully but I am saying that it's definitely worth the price, especially when teething poop is involved!


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