Thursday, March 14, 2013

Benefits of Hemp in Cloth Diapers

Knickernappies carries a variety of inserts that are made with hemp! You may be wondering what all the fuss is about hemp. Hemp is...

Great for heavy wetters! If you are looking for something more absorbent, you want to boost your absorbency with hemp!

Breathable! Air can circulate through hemp which allows your baby's skin to breathe and can prevent diaper rash.

Anti-microbial! Hemp has natural anti-microbial properties which prevent mold and mildew.

Pesticide free! Hemp is grown without the need for pesticides. No harmful chemical residue will be left on this fabric.

Long lasting! Hemp is durable. After many years of use, hemp will maintain it's absorbency and quality.

Check out our Stay Dry Hemp Doublers for a boost in absorbency in your diapers. Our Just Hemp Organic inserts are a trim fitting option for those who only choose to use organic fibers. Our best-selling LoopyDo inserts are a perfect combination of both hemp and microfiber for fast absorbency. Heavy wetters and overnight leak problems can be solved by trying our SuperDo inserts! They contain both hemp and microfiber, but have more layers for super wetness absorption!

Do you have any hemp diapers, inserts or doublers in your stash yet?


Melissa Mendez said...

I have a hemp insert and a hemp flat. I wish I had more! I love natural fibers.

Kazi Rahim Ullah said...

I don't have any children that's why I can't describe hemp as diapers. But if you want to ask me about hemp as cloth, I will just say there is noting more comfortable than hemp clothing.

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