Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The 411 on Knickernappies Inserts, Doublers and Liners

Inserts, Doublers, and Liners Oh My!

Are you overwhelmed with all the different types of cloth diaper inserts out there? Are you
confused about what the difference is between an insert, a doubler, and a liner, and why you
would use one over the other? Hopefully this article will help you to choose the best fabrics and
options that are right for your little one.

Inserts – Inserts are you basic “guts” of any cloth diaper. Inserts come in different shapes and sizes. Some are skinny, some are wide, some are short (newborn) and some are longer. Some snap into the diaper and some lay inside a cover. Whatever the insert, its main purpose is to help absorb the urine in the diaper.

Doublers – Doublers are used in addition to an Insert. A doubler is often used for nap or night time when babies tend to wet more. The doubler is simply placed over the insert. Doublers often come in fabrics that are known for their absorbency such as bamboo or hemp. Doublers should not be used alone in a diaper because they are made to be used in conjunction with an insert and will not hold as much urine alone (trust me, I have first-hand experience on this one).

Liners – Liners are a very thin piece of material usually placed over the insert and/or doubler. A liner can also be placed over the microfleece lining on the inside of a diaper. The main purpose of a liner is to act as a barrier from your baby to the diaper. For instance, people often use liners if they have to use a non-cloth diaper safe rash ointment. The liner will protect the diaper while allowing the baby the healing that he or she needs. Some liners are also used to help with stains. By simply placing a liner over your diaper, you help to eliminate the insides of the diaper from being stained and make it easier to handle the poop.

Now that you know the difference between inserts, doublers and liners, now it is time to take a look at the different materials that these items listed above are made from.

Hemp – Believe it or not, hemp fibers are often used in cloth diapers because of their extremely absorbent properties. In addition to this, they also possess antibacterial qualities, which as you might guess, would be great in cloth diapers as well. Knickernappies makes a few different types of hemp based inserts that would be a great solution for your heavy wetter.

Microfiber – Microfiber is a synthetic or “man-made” material often used in cloth diapers. Microfiber dries quickly and absorbs well. This fabric should not be put into direct contact with your baby as it may cause irritations or sensitivities. It is safe to put microfiber inserts into a pocket diaper with a microfleece covering.

Be sure to check out Knickernappies selection of hemp and microfiber inserts.  To shop for any Knickernappies products please use the Knickernappies Retailer Locator.

What kind of fabrics do you like and or use with your cloth diaper inserts or doublers?


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