Thursday, February 7, 2013

One Size or Sized Diapers?

When deciding to cloth diaper, not only will you to have to decide on the brand, style, and color, but you'll also have to decide if you'll sized or one-size diapers. There are benefits to both!

Sized Diapers
Perfect fit - Sized diapers fit a smaller weight and height range. They are more likely to be a perfect when your child is wearing the correct size.

Less bulk - Because it's a more perfect fit, there tends to be less bulk which makes fitting your child's outfits over their fluffy tush even easier!

Less wear and tear - Your child will outgrow these diapers quicker and you'll be using them for short periods of time. This makes for a great resale value or will still be in great condition to use for another child.

Less Expensive - Sized diapers tend to cost slightly less than one-size diapers.

Cons: You'll have to buy more diapers to keep your stash going as your child grows.

One-Size Diapers
Fits forever - One-size diapers fit "from birth to potty training". So you won't need to buy a new stash as your child grows. Just adjust the sizing on the diaper.

Stash Cost Less - Because you can use the same diapers as your child grows, you won't find your self spending more money on your stash repeatedly.

Great for Multiples - If you have two children in cloth at once, it's easy to use the same stash for both kids.

Cons: One-size diapers may be bulky on a smaller child. Your diapers may also wear out faster because you use them for longer periods of time before your child outgrows them. One-size diapers don't always fit great on a newborn.

Knickernappies offers both sized and one-size diapers! So you make the choice for what is best for your family!


MommaGina3335 said...

I prefer sized diapers because of a better fit and less leaks.

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