Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tips for Traveling with Cloth Diapers

There are many factors to consider when traveling with cloth diapers. You may think it's not worth the extra effort to take your cloth diapers on a trip with you, but it can be done! Here are some ways to make it easier on yourself:

Prefolds and covers
Save space in your luggage and pack prefolds and covers. They take up less space than "modern" styles.

Wet Bags
Be sure to pack multiple wet bags! A large hanging wet bag makes a great diaper pail no matter where you are staying, but you'll still need a smaller one for on the go. You could also pack a small wet bag full of wipes ready to go too!

Babysitter Friendly Diapers
If you are staying with friends or family and are planning to spend sometime away from your child. Bring a couple modern cloth diapers for your family to use while you're out. Prefolds and covers aren't complicated, but they may intimidate your family members.

Flushable Liners
Considering taking a package of flushable liners with you while you're away from your sprayer.

Detergent Samples
Pack a few small samples of cloth diaper safe detergent if you plan to wash diapers while you're away. They don't take up much room and you won't have to stress about what detergent you will use on your diapers.

If using cloth while traveling doesn't seem like a great option for you, that's okay! You're still a great parent and when you come home, you'll appreciate your stash even more!


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