Monday, January 14, 2013

Protect your cloth diapers...line them with fleece!

Many diaper creams are not safe for use with cloth diapers. They contain ingredients that will leave a barrier on the fabric of your diapers. This can lead to build-up, repelling, and leaks. You'll need to strip your diapers to get the cream out and in the worst cases, this can be a lot of work. So, what do you do when you have to use a diaper cream that isn't cloth diaper safe? Do you have to ditch your cloth and switch to disposable diapers? No! Fleece liners to the rescue!

Fleece liners can be used a barrier between the cream and the diaper. This will prevent the cream from coming into contact with your diapers. For best protection on your diapers, we recommend using 2 liners at once. It's important to remember not to throw the fleece liner into the diaper pail after a diaper change. You'll want to wash it with other laundry, like towels.

Using a diaper cream, even ones that are considered "cloth diaper safe" can void the warranty of many diapers. So be safe and use a liner (or two)!

Fleece liners are also great for babies and toddlers with sensitivities to natural fibers or don't like the feeling of being wet. If you are using a diaper lined with a natural fiber or one that doesn't wick away the wetness, lay a fleece liner on top of the diaper. The fleece will keep your baby feeling dry.

Knickernappies fleece liners are made with a single layer of microfleece. They work well with any style of diaper, are reusable and are a steal at only $1.99!


ElizaVan said...

I use liners, but after a few months, the liners started repelling... what is the most effective way to strip the liners?

Anonymous said...

You can either boil them with some vinigar and then wash as normal, or you can wash with a bit of BLUE Dawn dish detergent. Extra rinses to get all the soap out. :)

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