Monday, January 14, 2013

Here We Go LoopyDo! A look into our Cloth Diaper Inserts!

Meet LoopyDo Our Insert
LoopyDo what? If you're unfamiliar with our Knickernappies' inserts you may have no idea what a LoopyDo is. Simple: A LoopyDo is our very own Knickernappies' brand of inserts!

Named for the way they're sewn together in a loop, the LoopyDo is a favorite among Knickernappies fans. Our inserts are made from hemp french terry cloth with two layers of microfiber and is sewn together in a loop so that they dry faster in the dryer. (Have you ever had that problem of your pockets drying in about a quarter of the time than your inserts? Me too, it's annoying.)

Simply stuff the LoopyDo into your Knicknappies pocket and you're good to go!

Nighttime troubles? Meet the SuperDo! LoopyDo's big sister is made of six layers of hemp terry and two layers of microfiber. That's the equivalent (minus the microfiber) of three LoopyDos! And both of our styles of inserts are pre-washed so you can use them right off the bat. We do recommend about three washes before checking them out for overnight use.

And meet SuperDo, LoopyDo's Big Sister
Check out and see what a few bloggers have said about our inserts and let us know what you think!

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