Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Other uses for you diaper sprayer!

You may wonder if investing the money in a diaper sprayer is worth it. As mom who has cloth diapered with and without a sprayer, I say yes! Of course, cloth diapering can be done without one. Many parents have successfully cloth diapered multiple children without access to a diaper sprayer. Sprayers do make things easier and the cost over time is minimal!

So what do you do when your child is potty trained and you don't need to spray your diapers anymore? Here's some ideas!

Bathroom clean-up: I love using our sprayer to clean the shower! It cuts time and makes it so much easier!

Vomit: If the flu or stomach bug is running the rounds in your house, the diaper sprayer comes in handy spraying vomit off of clothing or linens. Just flush it away!

Potty training: When accidents happen, use the sprayer just like you would on a diaper.  It's also great for spraying out potty seats!

Pet baths: If you need to bath your pet in the bathtub, use the diaper sprayer to rinse them off!

Laundry: Need to treat a stain or get something out of a heavily soiled article of clothing? Use the sprayer!

Mama Cloth: Rinse your mama cloth out with your sprayer!

Bidet: Not quite like the real thing, but better than nothing!

What other uses can you come up with? Just be sure your kids know it is not for indoor water fights!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Oh to wear a cloth diaper...wait! Stackable Mama Pads work too!

Our babes have soft, comfy fabrics that touch their beautiful skin why shouldn't we? Have you ever had a thought like this?
eCard created by FirstTimeMom
I have and let me tell you, when you touch the velour on the Knickernappies Stackable Mama Pads you will never go back to using disposable pads again. The thing that sets the KN mama pads apart from the rest is the 3-in-1 system that saves you money while also adjusting the absorbency to match your menstrual cycle. Basically you have one shell and two liners, one is small and one is large. Use the smaller liner for light days, the large one for your normal flow days and use both for heavy days or nighttime use. The pads snap into the shell so really you only need a few shells and pads. You change the shell when it gets soiled and obviously change the pads throughout the day. Rinse the pads with cold water in the bathroom sink or by using your diaper sprayer. Then add to your diaper pail and wash with your diaper laundry if you want (or if you want you can do a separate wash).

The Stackable Mama Pads are also great as a postpartum option since you aren't able to use any kind of menstrual cup or tampon right after birth.

Look for yours at one of our many awesome retailers!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tips for Traveling with Cloth Diapers

There are many factors to consider when traveling with cloth diapers. You may think it's not worth the extra effort to take your cloth diapers on a trip with you, but it can be done! Here are some ways to make it easier on yourself:

Prefolds and covers
Save space in your luggage and pack prefolds and covers. They take up less space than "modern" styles.

Wet Bags
Be sure to pack multiple wet bags! A large hanging wet bag makes a great diaper pail no matter where you are staying, but you'll still need a smaller one for on the go. You could also pack a small wet bag full of wipes ready to go too!

Babysitter Friendly Diapers
If you are staying with friends or family and are planning to spend sometime away from your child. Bring a couple modern cloth diapers for your family to use while you're out. Prefolds and covers aren't complicated, but they may intimidate your family members.

Flushable Liners
Considering taking a package of flushable liners with you while you're away from your sprayer.

Detergent Samples
Pack a few small samples of cloth diaper safe detergent if you plan to wash diapers while you're away. They don't take up much room and you won't have to stress about what detergent you will use on your diapers.

If using cloth while traveling doesn't seem like a great option for you, that's okay! You're still a great parent and when you come home, you'll appreciate your stash even more!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Protect your cloth diapers...line them with fleece!

Many diaper creams are not safe for use with cloth diapers. They contain ingredients that will leave a barrier on the fabric of your diapers. This can lead to build-up, repelling, and leaks. You'll need to strip your diapers to get the cream out and in the worst cases, this can be a lot of work. So, what do you do when you have to use a diaper cream that isn't cloth diaper safe? Do you have to ditch your cloth and switch to disposable diapers? No! Fleece liners to the rescue!

Fleece liners can be used a barrier between the cream and the diaper. This will prevent the cream from coming into contact with your diapers. For best protection on your diapers, we recommend using 2 liners at once. It's important to remember not to throw the fleece liner into the diaper pail after a diaper change. You'll want to wash it with other laundry, like towels.

Using a diaper cream, even ones that are considered "cloth diaper safe" can void the warranty of many diapers. So be safe and use a liner (or two)!

Fleece liners are also great for babies and toddlers with sensitivities to natural fibers or don't like the feeling of being wet. If you are using a diaper lined with a natural fiber or one that doesn't wick away the wetness, lay a fleece liner on top of the diaper. The fleece will keep your baby feeling dry.

Knickernappies fleece liners are made with a single layer of microfleece. They work well with any style of diaper, are reusable and are a steal at only $1.99!

Here We Go LoopyDo! A look into our Cloth Diaper Inserts!

Meet LoopyDo Our Insert
LoopyDo what? If you're unfamiliar with our Knickernappies' inserts you may have no idea what a LoopyDo is. Simple: A LoopyDo is our very own Knickernappies' brand of inserts!

Named for the way they're sewn together in a loop, the LoopyDo is a favorite among Knickernappies fans. Our inserts are made from hemp french terry cloth with two layers of microfiber and is sewn together in a loop so that they dry faster in the dryer. (Have you ever had that problem of your pockets drying in about a quarter of the time than your inserts? Me too, it's annoying.)

Simply stuff the LoopyDo into your Knicknappies pocket and you're good to go!

Nighttime troubles? Meet the SuperDo! LoopyDo's big sister is made of six layers of hemp terry and two layers of microfiber. That's the equivalent (minus the microfiber) of three LoopyDos! And both of our styles of inserts are pre-washed so you can use them right off the bat. We do recommend about three washes before checking them out for overnight use.

And meet SuperDo, LoopyDo's Big Sister
Check out and see what a few bloggers have said about our inserts and let us know what you think!

Maria of Change Diapers - Reviews LoopyDos & SuperDos

Carolyn's Review of the LoopyDo on the Knicknappies' Blog

Mary's Review of our SuperDo on the Knickernappies' Blog

Darcy of Tales from the Nursery's LoopyDo Review

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cloth Diaper Tip : Pinching Pennies? Learn to love the prefold.

I have to say that when I first started using cloth diapers I was adamant that I would not ever use prefold diapers. Why use them? My mother used them and I am not the same woman she is (although she is quite wonderful). Then I tried using a few and I have to tell you, the prefold diaper is the Royal Flush in your cloth diaper money saving hand.

If you do a quick Google search on the folds you can use with a prefold diaper you'll find many fun and fancy ways to fold a prefold diaper. Let me tell you though, it doesn't have to be difficult, in fact it can be quite easy with no Snappis, pins or Boingos required.

How you ask? Well, simply fold the prefold into thirds and place it in a cover. Like a Palm Tree (pictured above) or Wolbybug diaper cover, it has a flap that will hold a prefold into place and unlike microfiber (which should never be directly on baby's skin) is very soft and safe directly next to baby's bottom. Both diaper covers are less than $11 and you can purchase our bleached or unbleached prefolds in sized sets of 1 to 24 for no more than $3.45 at Knickernappies Retailers. You can also use prefolds in your pocket diapers as an insert or acting as a doubler for extra absorbency.

So if you're on the fence about cloth diapering or needing to stock up on a few new diapers but you're feeling the financial purse strings from the holiday season really consider the simple prefold diaper. It doesn't have to be fancy to be worth your cloth diaper dollar.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Knickernappies Sightings! Youtube, Diva Diapers and more!

Diva Diapers 

Knickernappies products are on SALE for a limited time at Diva Diapers, one of our great retailers! Baby Bum Drops wipe solution, sized Knickernappies Pockets, One Size Pockets, Liners and Diaper Sprayers!  Visit Diva Diapers today to check out the great savings!

Cloth Diaper Outlet

Did you know that Cloth Diaper Outlet has Limited Edition Knickernappies OS Diapers in a vibrant Yellow for as low as $12.95 each?  It's true!  These are first quality diapers that are as much as $7.00 less than the regular priced Knickernappies diapers!

Visit this link for more details.

Video Review of the KN One Size

Have you watched the video review by Kim of Dirty Diaper Laundry?  It's a great way to get an up close look at the Knickernappies One Size Diaper!  Check it out!

Do you havea Knickernappies Sighting to share?  Comment on this post or share the link on our Facebook Wall!

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