Friday, December 7, 2012

Highlight on Wolbybug One Size Diaper Covers

Wolbybug, what's that you ask? Well it's a cloth diaper brand distributed by Knickernappies and named after their son Colby. Wolbybug is a nickname of sorts and has a special meaning for their family and as a result it made perfect sense to name a new cloth diaper line after him.

So what are Wolbybug Diaper Covers?

They're a single layer TPU waterpoof diaper cover. Gentle leg elastic encased inside waterproof TPU prevents leaks, holds in the messiest of messes and is just tight enough.

Durable snaps provide adjustability for the waist and hip and also work great for babies with chunky thighs who need additional settings. A snap down rise allows mama to snap and unsnap should she need to use the same cloth diaper cover on mutliple children of different sizes. The snap down rise also makes Wolbybug an affordable option. No more having to buy the next size up, Wolbybug Covers fit from birth through potty training.

Interior front flap and elasticized back flap help keep the prefold or insert of your choice in place and help prevent bunching.
Wolbybug hasn't reinvented the wheel, errr...the diaper cover, but it has spiced things up a bit with it's durability and unique elasticized interior back flap.

Have you tried one yet? You should! They're available at several Knickernappies retailers and are very affordably priced.


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