Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cloth Diaper Laundry, One mama's wash routine.

My cloth diaper wash routine starts with storing dirty diapers in a dry pail with waterproof pail liner. If the diaper happens to be soiled with a #2 I will dump what I can into the toilet and “dunk-n-swish” whatever decides to stay on. I don’t have a diaper sprayer for fear of my children getting a hold of it and, well, one can only imagine what could happen next.

I do my cloth diaper laundry every 2-3 days and when it’s that time I haul the pail liner to my front-loading washing machine, shove the bag inside the door and proceed to turn it inside out, dumping all of the diapers out. If I had a top loader this would be an easier dumping process, but I don’t. I have no interest in taking each diaper out by hand (even if gloves were involved) so I stick to my shove and dump method.

My first cycle is a quick wash with extra rinse using warm water and maybe a pinch of detergent if it’s an extra dirty load. I hear that warm water helps #2 rinse off better because #2 comes out warm :)

My next wash is a heavy cotton setting with extra rise using warm water again. Not hot water?!?! From my research the water in your “hot water” setting is not as hot as we think in terms of sanitizing, but is hot enough to damage PUL quicker than warm so I choose warm.

My final wash is a quick wash with extra rinse using cold water. If my diapers have been a little stinky while clean I might add another cold quick wash to my routine.

Now that I’m done washing I prefer to hang my diapers on the clothesline in my backyard to dry and be bleached by the sun. After being out there for about half a day I will throw the diapers in the dryer for a few minutes on medium heat to soften up and rid themselves of the occasional ant or gnat that made its way onto them while on the line. Yes, its true.

If it’s a rainy day or I am low on diapers I may throw all of my inserts and fitted diapers in the dryer with my wool dryer balls on medium heat and hang the covers on my basement clothesline to dry. This might take 45 minutes and sometimes I have to throw the covers in there for a few minutes too.

So how does your wash routine compare? Leave your comments or share with us on Facebook.

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Renie said...

I have a HE TL, I have moderately hard water. I use a warm rinse (I've seen a lot of manufacturers talk about this on their facebook/twitter feeds) and then run a 'powerwash' cycle on hot water/cold select extra rinse using 1 scoop (1 scoop is 1 TBL) of Charlie Banana detergent along with powdered Calgon. I use to use another popular brand but I could still smell my pockets after they dried, now I don't have that problem. I hang my diapers in the basement and dry the inserts. If I hang it all outside, I put the inserts in the dryer for 10 min.

I have also been reading that over rinsing can lead to stinkies, it makes sense to me as most of us have hard water so we are depositing more minerals.

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