Tuesday, August 14, 2012

You put the poop where? A diapering dilemma.

One of the things I think "outsiders" find the hardest to accept about cloth diapering is that you CAN put poopy diapers into the washing machine.

We, as experienced users, know that we're not tossing giant turds into the washer and expecting them to dissolve away, we put those beasts into the toilet.  Breastfed and newborn poop does rinse more easily with the help of a cloth diaper sprayer, into the toilet, and what's left does rinse out in the wash.

In fact, some people don't rinse newborn or breastfed baby poop at all before washing, they simply add an extra rinse cycle to their routine.

Do you think that the thought of putting poopy cloth diapers into the washing machine that we use to do our clothing laundry is a big deterrent when people are considering switching to cloth?

As someone who often talks to others about cloth diapering and how to do it, I feel this is one of the major obstacles to overcome and one of the most common questions I am asked..."You wash the poop out in the washing machine?"

What are your thoughts? Were you initially afraid of putting poop into your washing machine?


Copper said...

It did freak me out a little bit, but after the first few washes, I can say that it doesn't bother me at all now. If it really freaks people out, it's not hard to run an empty wash cycle with a little bleach and then do a rinse cycle to make sure your washer is clean.

Our clothes have never been smelly or anything like that, so I am no longer weirded out!

Q said...

I was not at all concerned about washing poopy cloth diapers. My first 18 months of diapering was all with 'sposies, and compared to the washloads of EBF mega-blowouts we'd already had to do, a washer-full of dirty cloth diapers was much cleaner.

When folks ask me about poop and cloth diapers, I generally tell them that you end up having to handle about the same amount of poo with 'sposies. Only with cloth, you're much more likely to be able to handle it on your own terms.

Just Add Cloth said...

We cloth diapered for the first year in an apartment building where we shared a washing machine with 20 drunk hipsters. Of all the weird stuff I pulled out of that washer, poop would not be second glance worthy. Haha.
I haven't encountered the poop question. Probably because most of us were still in cloth in the 70s so no one in my peer group thinks it is odd?

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