Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lifetime Warranty on Knickernappies Snaps!

Knickernappies Lifetime Warranty on Snaps!

When comparing the benefits of Snap diapers vs. Aplix diapers, one of the main reasons moms want to go with Aplix is because they are afraid that the snaps will break over time and that they won't be able to fix them themselves.

Did you know that Knickernappies diapers come with a lifetime warranty on snaps? No longer do you have to fear buying snap diapers because you're afraid the snaps won't last, will wear out or break. We've taken all the risk right out of it!

Our lifetime warranty insures that your snap replacement will be covered no matter how long you've had your Knickernappies diapers or where they were purchased. If it breaks we will fix it.

Visit our Warranty Info Page for more information on our other product warranties. If you need to return an item a RMA must be obtained first. The RMA form can be found HERE.


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