Monday, August 13, 2012

Get that yeast OUT of your diapers!

Yeast. It’s a nasty beast and when your baby’s dealing with it everyone’s dealing with it. According to eMedicine one fourth to one half of babies will experience a yeast diaper rash during their diapering days. Yeast, a fungus called Candida albicans, is brought on when the fungus is present in your baby’s stool. Exposure to the stool (i.e. sitting in it) brings on the infection and believe me it’s a bear to get rid of!

What can you do? How do you know that your baby has a yeast diaper rash? To help combat an explosion of the C. albicans fungus you should start your baby on a probiotic supplement (preferably in powder form) or on a healthy dose of Greek yogurt (which is high in probiotics) whenever an antibiotic medication is taken. I actually have my kids on a probiotic called Flora Baby that they take every other day. My daughter, Lady Bug, had been off of it for the past three weeks and sure enough, that’s when her first and only yeast rash reared its ugly head! Also allowing your baby’s bare bum to air out a little in between changes is very helpful.

Yeast rashes are different from regular diaper rash in that there are isolated red raised areas. As you can see in my picture, there are isolated red areas and, while this picture was taken when my daughter’s rash started to get better, you can see the parts where it looks like a layer of skin was almost taken off. Ouchie! I mean really…it is the worst rash your little baby can have (in my opinion of course; I am sure there are worse).

When wiping your baby who’s battling a yeast infection do not use anything but water and try to dab or pat the infected area. To help fight the infection you can add about 40 drops of grapefruit seed extract to your water but that’s it. Trust me, anything else and your child may be writhing in pain. I know that one from experience. Some try to fight the rash with treatments such as tea tree oil and grape seed extract, I, however, use Lotrimin. Yep, the stuff that fight jock itch! I also use a heavy cream to act as protection over the infected area from urine and stool. And sadly…another thing I do is switch back to ‘sposies. Not only did I not want the rash creams to have no contact with my cloth but I also wanted to ensure that her little bottom was staying away from contact with moisture. I’ve found that when I’ve been dealing with yeast it works for us to go back to disposables.

Now this last time I didn’t fully switch back. I kept Lady Bug in cloth at night and every morning she’d wake up screaming from the pain of her morning urine release on her skin. I could not figure out why my cloth was hurting her I mean surely cloth was what’s best, right? Well, yes and no.

Get that yeast OUT of your diapers! You read that right. When a yeast infection is present those nasty fungus cells get into the fibers of your diapers and they stay. Yep, they just live there happily until your baby’s stool presents another opportunity for them to join in on the baby bum fun. My son, Buggie, who is now out of diapers completely, battled a persistent yeast infection for the majority of his diapering life starting at the age of 18 months. Actually it was that horrible yeast infection that kind of pushed him into wanting to be potty trained. I never knew you had to get the yeast out of your diapers. It didn’t even occur to me! Do I feel badly about this ignorance? Yes. That’s why I’m telling you one of the ways to get yeast out of your fluff.

A Recipe for Yeast Destruction. A fellow blogger gave me her prescription for destroying yeast.

  1. Hot wash cycle with 2 Tbs. Biokleen (the powder kind that has GSE) and 50 drops of grapefruit seed extract (GSE).
  2. Then another hot cycle without Biokleen and GSE.
  3. Sun the diapers

Going forward you can add a little Biokleen and 20 drops of GSE to washes. She said that she’s not sure if this was necessary but she wanted to be certain her diapers were rid of that nasty stuff!

Have you ever dealt with a yeast diaper rash? Did you treat your diapers for it? What did you do?

Elizabeth (aka Bert) is a stay-at-home-mom and contributing writer for She Thinks Media. She lives in the Twin Cities with her husband, Ben, her son Buggie, and daughter Lady Bug.  When she's not trying to convince Buggie to expand his interests beyond Thomas the Train or put his pants back on she's writing about her experiences as a mom on her blog, First Time Mom (FTM). After all, Bert maintains there's a first time for everything, even if you  have more than one child! 


Brittany @ The Pistachio Project said...

Got to love yeast infections! Ugh. My daughter got one because I was on antibiotics (and nursing her at the time). The diapers weren't too hard to treat. I just stripped them with tons of hot water washes and sunning. As for my daughter's rash, got rid of the infection with giving her yogurt to eat and using coconut oil with tea tree essential oil mixed in as a diaper cream. Unfortunately, she developed some open blisters that are really horrid to try and heal with a lots and lots of naked time. I was originally using just coconut oil or coconut oil and TTO for cream and that helped...some. However, I recently found out that mixing kaolin clay in coconut oil works really well. It's cloth diaper safe, natural, and helps with inflammation and helps keep things dry. We are finally almost done with the open blisters!

Amy said...

My son had a yeast rash for a long time (until I finally figured out what it was).
My solution to the yeast in the dipes was similar to the one you posted.
1) A very hot wash with detergent, a scoop of oxy clean, and 50 drops of GSE.
2) Dry in the dryer on high. (be careful to let all covers cool before taking them out of the dryer).
3) For a month or so afterwards I added about 40 drops GSE to each diaper load.

The ped. said the strain of yeast he had was not very common, and for some reason all the anti-fungals the little one was prescribed didn't work (we'd even switched him over to sposies).
What DID work was using a diaper spray solution of distilled water and 15 drops GSE and rubbing his bum down with Coconut Oil after each diaper change.
Ped. said he'd have recurring yeast until he was potty trained...he never got it again. :)

Jessica B said...

How much water did you yse with gse for the spray?

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