Thursday, August 23, 2012

FIVE Steps to Overnight Diapering Success!

Overnight diapering can be a dreary thing to think about, most parents that cloth diaper during the day, do not at night, simply because there is a greater chance of leakage issues. If you are like me, you hate changing bed sheets night after night from leaky diapers, and you want a solution to end it all, well look no further, below are some tips that have helped me to figure out the best way to keep baby and sheets as dry as possible at night.

Tip #1 Change baby right before bed and use an insert followed by a night time booster or use an overnight diaper.

Tip #2 Place a changing pad on top of the bottom sheet, place another sheet on top of that and then place baby on top and then cover if needed. We use this method a lot in the hospital for older clients who are incontinent and it helps them tremendously, plus it saves us a back ache the next day.  You can also invest in nice waterproof mattress pad available in crib sizes.

Tip #3 I know this may be hard to do for the younger babies, but we try to limit excessive fluid intake before bed.

Tip # 4 If you have to change diapers during the night it is great to have everything setting out and handy for you to use during those late night changes.

Tip #5
If none of the above work, try getting some plastic pants, or just simply change diaper brands, some like the AIO work better at night.  Many also experience success by adding a fleece cover over their nighttime pocket diaper.

The above are 5 good tips that are sure to make overnight cloth diapering a little easier!

What are your personal night time cloth diapering tips?

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