Monday, June 4, 2012

Learn from others mistakes through Cloth Diaper trial and error.

Guest Post by Ashley Suzanne

Whenever you decide to make the switch to cloth diapers, everyone is bound to make a few mistakes, and to go through a couple trials and errors to figure out what works for them. Everyone is different, every baby is different, and every cloth diaper and laundering need is different.

The most common diapering trial and error has to be the prewashing and drying routine. When I first started cloth diapering the little girl that I babysit 2 months ago, I was a little overwhelmed to start with, but after researching and talking things over with different moms; it all became much clearer. The research that I did, made washing cloth diapers seem so much easier than I ever thought before. I have learned that you need to prewash every single diaper, some at least 5 times before wear, and with a detergent that does not cause residue buildup. I mostly like to use Classic Rock from Rockin’ Green. I used to wash the cloth diapers once and then dry them and do it all over again, 4 more times, but it didn’t take long before that started to raise the utility bill. So after trial and error; I now put my diapers in to the wash on a hot wash cold rinse, and then wash them 5 times, and then machine dry my inserts and sun-dry the shells. Not only does this make cloth diapering 100% easier, but it also allows for the new diapers to reach their full leak proof potential, and the sun really makes sure to get out all the yuckies, and to thoroughly clean the diapers.

Now that I’ve had my little spill on prewashing diapers, here is a list of things that I have learned. 
1. Prewash, prewash, PREwash, Prewash, PREWASH!
2. Sun-dry, if you do machine dry – DO NOT use dryer sheets.
3. Make sure that you have plenty of diapers in rotation so that you won’t have to wash every single day.
4. Empty the poopies into the toilet. Yes, I know that it is gross, but it helps to spray the diaper with every poopie use, no matter how small, and then do a cold prewash, and then the normal wash cycle, then sun-dry to help cut down on yeast and other nasty bugs that could harm baby.
5. You MUST buy a wet bag. I used to have just one wet bag, but I would catch myself changing a diaper and then forget where I placed the wet bag. I am now happy to say that I have an XL hanging wet bag in the bathroom, behind the door – don’t want baby to get curious, a medium size hanging wet bag on the back of the bedroom door, and a smaller wet bag size for traveling purposes.
6. Whatever you do, DO NOT use regular store bought diaper crème. It is best to use the ones that are cloth diaper safe, so that it will mess up the diapers.
7. Keep diapers out of baby’s reach, because you don’t want them to go missing, or to find one that is missing snaps, or to find them in places that they shouldn’t be.
8. One of the most important things is to allow baby’s bum to have some free air time. I like to do this right after nap time and before bath time. Usually she will wake up around 2-3pm from her afternoon nap, and I will let her go nakey for a bit before giving her a bath and slapping on another cloth diaper. I really hope that these tips, tricks, trials and errors will help you along your crazy and fun journey of cloth diapering. Enjoy the fluff and have fun!

Authors Bio:
My name is Ashley, but I like to use my first and middle name Ashley Suzanne, for all my online purposes, since I am still waiting on Mr. Right to come along and change my last name. I am a 21 year old pre-nursing student, and I am still living at home with my parents, I refuse to live alone! I dream about my future family along with cloth diapering, homeschooling, and raising my children in God’s amazing love and grace. Even though I am not a biological mother yet, I still consider myself a mother hen to all the little ones, and bigger ones that come in and out of my life. God has truly given me a passion for nurturing. In my free time I enjoy blogging, collecting baby items, reviewing items, entering giveaways, schooling, and reading. I love that there are things I can focus on and learn at this time now, so that whenever I am blessed with my own little family then I can truly be the wife and mother that God has planned for me to be.


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