Saturday, June 2, 2012

Featured Fluff Addict, Anne from ZephyrHill Blog!

Today we have a new Featured Fluff Addict for you! It's Anne, the mama behind the Zephyr Hill Blog!

Tell us a little about yourself, where you are located, how many kids you have,little ones in cloth, etc.- My name is Anne Sweden and I'm a wife and mother of 5 living a very full life in the country with home schooling, hobby farming, cooking and blogging! We settled here in Kansas to be near family after my husband completed his service in the Army. I blog about my family, my farm and my love of cloth diapering and other good things at Right now I have 2 in cloth, but not too long ago there were THREE (thanks to a very late potty trainer).

What made you decide to give cloth diapers a try? My greatest motivation was to save money. But now I’ve come to appreciate the other benefits: cloth diapers are healthier for baby’s skin and they make a smaller impact on the environment than disposables.

What were your friends and family's reaction when seeing the "new" cloth diapers and have they been supportive or skeptical of your choice to use cloth diapers? My family was very supportive. I actually remember helping my own mother out as a teen when my youngest brother was in cloth. The products have changed a lot since the 80’s, though, and my mother and mother-in-law are always expressing amazement over the cute prints and colors and the “one size” styles!

What was your very first cloth diaper? My very first cloth diaper was a free fitted that got I in response to a mail order advertisement. Unfortunately, I thought it was too bulky, too complicated to care for and too expensive to buy more of, so I returned it and gave up on cloth for a while. But later on I discovered how easy and economical it was to diaper with prefolds and covers!

What type of diapers does your stash primarily consist of; pockets, aio, onesize, prefolds, flats, hybrids, etc.? About half of my stash is wonderful, reliable Flip organic inserts and covers. And the rest of my things are WAHM inserts and covers. I LOVE to support mothers who sew unique diapers to make extra income!

What is your favorite Knickernappies product or which Knickernappies product are you dying to try and why? Two of your products that really intrigue me are the wet bags that hang on a doorknob (I’d love to free up some space and get rid of my pail) and the side-snapping one-size diapers. I’ve been diapering for 3 years but never tried a side-snap closure! There’s a first time for everything, right? That’s one of the reasons I love cloth so much – always something new to try!

Do you have a favorite place to hang out and talk or learn about cloth ; a blog, message board, facebook page, etc.? It would definitely be Facebook! Plus I love to interact with my readers via the blog. I read each and every comment and try to respond when I can.

My Button What cloth diapering item, besides diapers, do you consider to be a must-have accessory? Since I’m cloth diapering two children at the same time right now, I could not do without my mega huge wet bag. It holds 2-3 days worth of laundry. The only problem is...I just have one and really need an extra one to use when the other is being washed!

If you could share just one tip with someone who is just starting out with cloth or considering using cloth, what would be your best piece of advice to them? I would encourage mothers to start small and buy a couple of different types of diapers to see what they like best. And connect with online diaper forums, Facebook groups and blogs for help, support and LOTS of fun!

You can connect with Anne on her Facebook Page here.

Anne, thank you for sharing your story with us!  If you're reading and you'd like to be featured just like Anne, please visit this link for details.


desitheblonde said...

you have 3 wow when my twin were in diaper and then i havd the last one or so thought it was easier for me to use cloth diaper in stead of the disposal i used them when traving and then when went to doctor office

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