Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Knickernappies wants your cute baby pics! Submit your photos and receive FREE products!

Cute baby...check!
Knickernappies diapers...check!

Do any of the above apply? If so, we want you to submit your photos to us!

Knickernappies is looking for new photos to use in our online and print advertising and media.   We're asking that our fans submit their fluffy photos and if we choose your photo then you'll receive free product!

By submitting your photo and if chosen as a winner, you'll be asked to provide permission to use your photos for the reasons stated above.  That means your little one could be famous! (well, you know, cloth diaper famous!)

We're looking for babies and toddlers wearing Knickernappies Diapers, Wolbybug Onesize Covers and Palm Tree Diapers Covers!  Do you have a creative eye, a nice camera or have you had photos taken of your little ones in these diapers in the past?  If so then submit them to us!

You can
  • Upload any photos you'd like considered to our Facebook Wall.  There's no limit per person so if you have multiple photos then by all means please share them.
  • Email your photos.  If you're not comfortable submitting your photos to the Facebook Page then you can email them to us.  Please put "Knickernappies Photo Contest" in the subject and email them to heather(at)
At this time we're leaving the contest open indefinitely.  We're looking for at least 20, possibly more, quality photos.  We also ask that you have the rights to the photo and the ability to provide us with high resolution or a decent size photo to work with should your photo be chosen. In other words, if you only have a thumbnail copy then we won't be able to accept it.

Photos should clearly depict that the diaper shown is either a Knickernappies, Wolbybug or Palm Tree Diaper.


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