Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday's Featured Fluff Addict is Erica, Blunt Mama of Boys!

We're featuring a new Fluff Addict today!  It's Erica from Northeast Indiana and the mama behind the Blunt Mama of Boys Blog!

First, tell us your name and a little about your family.
I am married to my wonderful husband Michael and we have two children, Hayden 9, and Maddox 13 months. We both work full-time and starting Monday will be cloth diapering full time (switching daycare's, new daycare will use cloth!)

Where are you located?
Northeast Indiana, just outside of Fort Wayne
Do you have or have you had children in cloth diapers? Were you cloth diapered as a child?
Maddox, my 13 month old is in cloth. I was cloth diapered as a baby (but this was back in the pins and plastic pants age)
What's the primary reason you chose to use cloth diapers?
It was actually my husbands idea. I thought no-way, but looked into it to humor him. I did a cloth diaper trial from Diaper Daisy and learned just how easy cloth actually was!

Favorite part about using cloth diapers?
How easy it is. Honestly, when my husband first mentioned it, I thought there is no way I am doing pins and washing poop! I wish the word would be spread. I am constantly telling mama's about it and have converted one. I am trying to get all of the mamas (new and old) to cloth diaper with me :-)
What does your family or friends think about your decision to use cloth?
If you only knew me :-) I should have been a lawyer. Even if they had a bad opinion, I don't know that anyone would be brave enough to challenge me. But, even with that said, someone who looks to be turned off about it, once they see how easy it is, they actually get interested.
Any funny cloth diaper related stories or bloopers you'd like to share? 
I am not sure about funny, BUT I had only recently been cloth diapering, DS was MAYBE a month or two old and my husband was traveling a lot, so I had to load up Maddox to take him with me to my sons dance class. Its only about 45 minutes long and the other mamas hadn't seen Maddox yet (hubby had been taking Hayden so I didn't have to go out in the winter) so I brought him in and passed him around. I was EBFing and this makes the poop LIQUID. So as he went from mom to mom I could see this orange liquid forming on his sleeper by his leg. The poop had leaked out onto Maddox, the lady that was holding him, and while I had another diaper to change him, I had no other clothes (I mean I was going to be gone less than an hour right?). It was a nightmare! I felt so bad for the mama he pooped on :-(
Besides the actual diaper, what would you consider to be a must have cloth diaper accessory?
A wet bag next, then cloth wipes
Of all the Knickernappies products, which would you most like to try and why?
A custom fit pocket diaper. I have found that the sized diaper fit my long skinny boy, much better than the one size.
What piece of advice would you give to a mom considering cloth diapers for her baby?
DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED! I was very much so in the beginning and I know of so many mamas that give up right away. It is some work, but what isn't, we had a baby right? I also bought used and bought a little at a time. So in the beginning it was only a couple a day until I was able to slowly build my stash.

Erica is brand new to blogging.  Visit her blog Blunt Mama of Boys and say hello!  You can also find her on Twitter @ericafilson and on Facebook @ericalee23.


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