Thursday, April 26, 2012

Top 5 Reasons Why I LOVE my Diaper Sprayer

Guest post by Julie of My Cloth Diaper Stash

When I first started cloth diapering, I had no idea that there was such a thing as a “diaper sprayer,” never mind what it actually did! I read a few articles online and decided that I NEEDED one. I am so glad I made the decision and purchased one because now I cannot live without it!

So without further adieu, and in no particular order, the TOP 5 Reasons why I love my diaper sprayer:
  1. Makes poopy diapers fun – I know I am sick! When I first got the diaper sprayer and the hubby hooked it up, he would laugh every time I would use it. He said “you are getting way too excited about spraying poopy diapers.” And indeed I was! It has been 5 months, and I am still loving it! I guess it brings me back to childhood and playing outdoors with the sprinkler!
  1. Helps to prevent stains on your diapers – I like to consider my diaper sprayer a pre-pre rinse, the pre-rinse before the rinse in the washing machine! The longer the poop sits on the diapers, the more prone to stains they are. I am such a neat freak when it comes to my diapers, and like to get the poop off as quickly as possible! The diaper sprayer helps to get this done in a quick and easy way!
  1. Doubles as a bathroom/toilet/tub cleaner – This is one of the features I never thought about when I bought my diaper sprayer. It has come in handy many times, especially when cleaning out the toilet or the sink. I just spray the affected areas with a cleaner then rinse with the sprayer! Depending on how long your tubing is, you can even spray down the tub!
  1. Super easy to use, install, and store – The diaper sprayer is very easy to attach and install. No plumber needed! It connects directly into the drain line with an easy attachment piece that is included. The hubby did it in less than 10 minutes! I love how the sprayer hangs nicely on the edge of the toilet tank out of the way too. I can only imagine what visitors to my house must think I have hanging on my toilet. I get a lot of questions!
  1. Makes poopy diapers easy – We all know that poopy diapers are not always easy! Rinsing them without a diaper sprayer can be a challenging task! Using the sprayer allows for the poop to come off easily in seconds. All of the poop goes into the toilet, you flush, and you are done! It is as simple as that!
Bio: Julie is a semi-stay-at-home mom to her handsome son J.T. who is 7 months old and wife to hubby Jered who is a teacher and pastor. J.T. provided her motivation to start Cloth Diapering! Not wanting to expose his little bum to all those chemicals in disposables and not returning to work full time, she was looking for a safe and inexpensive alternative. Cloth Diapering were her answer! Julie considers herself an advocate for cloth diapers and with her blog, My ClothDiaper Stash, she hopes to share her passion and help others reap the benefits too.


momofthreeboyz said...

It's also fun to spray cold water on your hubby & kids when they are in the shower HEHEHEHE!!!

Rebecca said...

Ha ha! I love the part about the diaper sprayer being like a sprinkler:-) I have fond memories of the sprinkler outside when I was a kid!

~Miss Sarah~ said...

OMG I love my sprayer! It is a must I think. Especially on those nasty blow outs... :)

Julie said...

@Momofthreeboyz I should have listed that one!!! Great idea!!! ha ha ha

Adele B said...

Wow, I didn't even realize they made diaper sprayers! What a great idea!

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