Monday, March 26, 2012

"Buy the cloth diaper stash of your dreams" he says...not really but let's pretend.

It's pretty sad that my cloth diapering days are over and now I have to resort to writing hypothetical posts about what I might buy if I were to be buying anew stash.  But alas, it is what it is and I get to still have a little fun talking about cloth diapers and a brand I love.

So imagine this, I'm 4-5 months pregnant, not really but...and I am sitting at home with a new iPad on my lap (not really, I don't own one, wish I did) and while I'm cloth diaper shopping for my dream stash online my husband is giving me the best foot massage of my life.  As if life couldn't get any better, he says "honey, don't worry about prices, just but whatever you like for the new baby."  My heart skips a beat and the foot massage continues.  At this point I can't wipe the big grin off my face. (gosh I am having more fun with this hypothetical stash shopping of mine!)

Then he says, "Let's just buy from Knickernappies, they're good people and they've got so many retailers.  I just love supporting family owned businesses when we can, don't you?"  I nod my head.

Gosh, if money were no issue at all. You know I've got to have the best of the best and a ton of it!  We are supporting small businesses after all.  And so I begin my shopping.  So what would be on my list?
  • Since we want nothing but the absolute best for our new little bean, I definitely need some sz Small Knickernappies 2G Pocket Diapers.  That way if my One Size Knickernappies don't fit  yet when the baby is born then I'll have some great sized diapers to use.  Plus, you just never know when you'll have an adorable tiny little outfit to put on the baby and you need a trim fitting diaper with less bulk.
  • For overnight, I definitely need some LoopyDo Inserts when the little one is tiny and then as they grow I'll just have to have some SuperDo's.  I comment, "It only makes sense to buy six extra of each size and style insert, don't you think honey?" Then he says "oh yes, definitely a must have!"
  • Next I move on to the One Size Knickernappies.  It's absolutely beautiful to have two of each color so that you can organize them so nicely in the babies room.  They look like a beautiful rainbow!  But I think I might try to be a little frugal, I'll just limit myself to a dozen.  Twelve one size and six size smalls.  You simply can't go wrong with that!
  • Wait, how could I miss Oooga Booga print?  I for sure need two of those.  My husband concurs, he's just crazy about those adorable cloth diaper prints.
  • Prefolds?  Sure, every mama, using cloth diapers or not, needs at least a dozen prefolds.  Plus two or three Palm Tree Diaper Covers.  Then I'll have plenty of backup in case of an emergency laundry situation.
  • Diaper Sprayer...ding ding ding!  Thank goodness Knickernappies makes one, now I can get everything I need all in one place!
  • Nursing Pads?  Well since I will be breastfeeding it only makes sense to add some reusable nursing pads to my order.  Hmmm....Hemp or Stay Dry?  Maybe a set of each!  Hubby comments "Yes please.  I hate it when our bed sheets smell like spoiled milk!"
  • Baltic Amber, I can't wait for teething!  Wait did I just say that?  Well it's so cute when your little one has on Baltic Amber, and hey it doesn't hurt if they wear it when they aren't actually teething right?  Oooh and it would be so cute if we match.  Definitely need one for me too!
Did I overdo it? I was trying not too.  My husband assures me "Don't worry, with all those great online retailers you can reorder any time you need to and get it delivered to our door within a couple days."  Then to my surprise he says "Yay" and claps his hands.  (Now THAT would be hilarious!)

And so it goes, my foot massage ends and I click "SUBMIT ORDER."  My sweetie pie asks, "Would you like me to run you a bath?"

And then I woke up.

Julie, Cloth Diaper Geek

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Heather Bowles said...

hahahaha. May I borrow your "dream hubby" tonight? He (and his wallet) sound fantastic!

Kamal said...

What a lovely read ! I literally jumped out of the seat laughing :)

Just Add Cloth said...

Ok, I guess my husband is kind of that husband. He is all for buying what you want and what works, regardless of it being the best "deal".

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