Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How to fold prefold cloth diapers - The Diva Fold

The Diva Fold

When at first glance this fold looks a little tricky but when you actually do it it’s not difficult at all. Plus it would be a great way to get a little tummy time in for your baby!
Place prefold on the floor and lay baby down on his tummy.
Pull prefold in between baby’s legs and up over his bum.
Tuck the corners in the back of the prefold underneath baby’s tummy.
Pull the front corner of the prefold snugly towards the bum on each side. Fasten the prefold down with a diaper pin or Snappi.
You can leave the prefold as is which looks like a pair of shorts or you can tuck the legs up under baby so that it looks more like a diaper.

Photo tutorial courtesy of Bert, The First Time Mom


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