Friday, January 20, 2012

It's only effective when it's real! - Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces

Baltic Amber is all the rage right now and I'm starting to see it everywhere. Most of them are around $20-25, but I've seen a few for a lot less.

There's a catch to the low price: many of the lower cost necklaces are just glass or plastic and will do nothing to alleviate your baby's pain.

The most common fakes are made of glass or plastic. They all look astonishingly similar, and the only way to really tell if it's real destroys the necklace.

So how can you be sure that Knickernappies Baltic Amber is real? We do the testing for you! The most accurate, non-scientific test is a burn test. Hold a flame to the amber until it starts to put off an odor.

  • If it's glass, it will never put off an odor.
  • If it's plastic, the beads will melt and smell like burned plastic.
  • But if it's genuine baltic amber, then it'll smell sharply of pine resin. A lot like a Christmas tree, actually.

The first time we did this test, I was sweating a bit, thinking "Oh gosh, what if it's fake?!" But soon, as my husband held the necklace and I applied the flame, as we watched the silk cord burn away, the air was filled with the tangy scent of pine trees. We've done this testing several times so that we can always guarantee that our baltic amber products are genuine, effective, and worth your hard-earned money.

How does Baltic Amber work?
In a nutshell, baltic amber (and this is only for amber from the Baltic Sea area) secretes succinic acid. This is a mild acid that is a natural pain reliever. Babies do not need to chew on or mouth baltic amber; it is effective when worn against the skin. As the amber is warmed by the skin's natural warmth, it secretes the acid, which is absorbed by the skin. Many pediatricians and dentists now recommend baltic amber necklaces as a natural teething pain reliever.

Where is Baltic Amber made?
Since baltic amber is a natural resin, it's not made but rather collected. Most baltic amber is collected from beaches around the Baltic Sea. The best comes from Lithuania, which is where all of Knickernappies Baltic Amber products are made. (If a baltic amber product says Made in China, it's probably fake. They don't have baltic amber in China. Of course they can import it, but mostly, they don't.)

Is wearing a Baltic Amber necklace safe?
It is safe under adult supervision. Many parents let their child wear them under their shirt during the day, and at night wrap it around the ankle and cover it with a sock. Others feel comfortable letting their babies wear it 24/7 as a necklace. Our necklaces are made with 100% silk cord. This cord is slightly stretchy, so if pressure is applied, it will stretch a little. But if too much pressure is applied, as when the necklace gets caught on something, the cord will break. This is almost like a breakaway cat's the same idea and it's intended to work this way for safety. Also, the beads aren't merely strung on a cord, they are strung one at a time and the cord is knotted between each bead. This way, if the cord should break, only 1 bead is loose. The beads are very small and do not pose a choking hazard. And we do offer bracelets as well. We recommend 2 bracelets to equal the effectiveness of a necklace. They can be worn at the wrist or on the ankle.

Many of our retailers carry our full line of baltic amber products. If you need help locating a retailer, just let us know!


Anonymous said...

I was just able to check mine by placing it on top of my hot wood stove and it started to smell like a pine tree within a few seconds, and didn't harm my necklace in the least.=) Thank you for the info!=)

Mrs.Smitty said...

Thanks for the tip! I heated mine over my stovetop, great smelling results! Glad to know I'm using the real thing and it's effects aren't just in my head lol

Anonymous said...

I read that Amber will burn, but much slower and the correct way to test with heat is to hold a hot needle and press it into the amber as opposed to holding it over an open flame. You can also test several other ways, like with salt water Amber will float but plastic and glass will sink!

Anonymous said...

If it smells too sweet it might not be very old Baltic amber it might just be much younger hardened tree sap.

MildredR said...

At first thanks for your useful tips. I was looking for something like that because, I was about to present a necklace of Baltic amber beads but confused for it's quality. Thanks again for sharing this useful post. Would love to hear from you more.

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