Thursday, January 26, 2012

How to fold prefold cloth diapers - The Newspaper fold

The Newspaper Fold

Fold the prefold into thirds again and then open the part of the prefold that will go under the baby’s bum out.
Place baby on top of the prefold and pull the front of the prefold over baby.
Then bring the “wings” of the prefold forward around your baby’s hips and fasten with a Snappi. I think that fastening the sides of the Snappi first works better than using the bottom part of the Snappi, it seems to “stick” better that way.

*If the prefold is too large a size for the baby it can be folded down in the front, toward the inside, to make the prefolds rise accurate for the baby's size.

Photo tutorial courtesy of Bert, The First Time Mom


De in D.C. said...

Isn't this the Angel Wings fold? I thought the newspaper fold was just fold in thirds and lay in a cover - don't fasten it to baby.

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