Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Different types of cloth diaper support and where to turn for each.

Facebook has become the hub for customer relations and support.  Daily I see posts on various pages asking about their order's tracking info, help with XYZ product and troubleshooting advice.  There are both benefits and disadvantages to utilizing Facebook in this way.

Pros.  You no longer have to type a lengthy email or contact someone though their contact form.  This also means you no longer have to wait for their reply or worry that you email perhaps didn't even get through. With Facebook you're able to get an instant response, usually from fellow fans, business owners and experts. 

Cons.  You do however run the risk of getting conflicting information or complete misinformation.  You may not get the one on one, customer and situation specific answers that you'd have gotten had you contact the business directly.  Often you'll even be referred to their customer contact page which could have saved you time just going there in the first place.

So how do you know who to contact and when to contact by email or via Facebook?

Where to turn for cloth diapering support and troubleshooting?
The retailer with whom you shop or any retailer with whom you're thinking of placing an order or
The manufacturer of the cloth diaper or cloth diapering accessory or
Any reputable cloth diaper resource site like a blog, website, etc.

Where to turn for warranty, repairs, function and product defects?
The maker of the item should carry a warranty.  You can save yourself a lot of time and effort by contacting the manufacturer directly or visiting the manufacturers website for their warranty page.  The retailer would most likely refer you to them anyhow.

Where to turn for cloth diaper advice and recommendations?
Cloth Diaper Fan Pages, Forums, Blogs and Business Facebook Pages.  Often you'll receive honest feedback and support from fellow parents who've used the products themselves. 

Just remember your manners.  If you're on a business fan page that doesn't sell XYZ product but they do sell similar competitive brands, that may not be the place to ask about XYZ.  Also keep in mind that if your post is too spammy or if the responses to your question contain links which lead to competing stores or pages, your post or the responses to it may be deleted by the page owner or moderator.

So what are your thoughts?  Do you still contact businesses via email or do you turn to Facebook first?


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