Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Different types of cloth diaper support and where to turn for each.

Facebook has become the hub for customer relations and support.  Daily I see posts on various pages asking about their order's tracking info, help with XYZ product and troubleshooting advice.  There are both benefits and disadvantages to utilizing Facebook in this way.

Pros.  You no longer have to type a lengthy email or contact someone though their contact form.  This also means you no longer have to wait for their reply or worry that you email perhaps didn't even get through. With Facebook you're able to get an instant response, usually from fellow fans, business owners and experts. 

Cons.  You do however run the risk of getting conflicting information or complete misinformation.  You may not get the one on one, customer and situation specific answers that you'd have gotten had you contact the business directly.  Often you'll even be referred to their customer contact page which could have saved you time just going there in the first place.

So how do you know who to contact and when to contact by email or via Facebook?

Where to turn for cloth diapering support and troubleshooting?
The retailer with whom you shop or any retailer with whom you're thinking of placing an order or
The manufacturer of the cloth diaper or cloth diapering accessory or
Any reputable cloth diaper resource site like a blog, website, etc.

Where to turn for warranty, repairs, function and product defects?
The maker of the item should carry a warranty.  You can save yourself a lot of time and effort by contacting the manufacturer directly or visiting the manufacturers website for their warranty page.  The retailer would most likely refer you to them anyhow.

Where to turn for cloth diaper advice and recommendations?
Cloth Diaper Fan Pages, Forums, Blogs and Business Facebook Pages.  Often you'll receive honest feedback and support from fellow parents who've used the products themselves. 

Just remember your manners.  If you're on a business fan page that doesn't sell XYZ product but they do sell similar competitive brands, that may not be the place to ask about XYZ.  Also keep in mind that if your post is too spammy or if the responses to your question contain links which lead to competing stores or pages, your post or the responses to it may be deleted by the page owner or moderator.

So what are your thoughts?  Do you still contact businesses via email or do you turn to Facebook first?

Monday, January 30, 2012

Motherhood - Confusing passion for judgement?

I use cloth diapers, live a somewhat crunchy lifestyle and move in blogging circles that are geared more towards a holistic way of living. Yet, there are certain parenting decisions that I make that are contrary to those whom I’m blogging with. I’ve had it in my heart over the past few weeks to write about this topic probably because to a certain extent I feel insecure about my own choices. Mostly I’m writing about it because I really feel that as mothers we need to stand together in support rather than against one another
in judgment.

When I had my son, Buggie, in 2008 I made the decision to have an epidural. I didn’t want to go through with the pain nor did I want to practice helpful relaxation tips so that I could go through childbirth naturally. It seemed like the easier way to go and as a first time pregnant mom I needed to not be any more stressed than I already was. I had my epidural and the birth of Buggie went uncomplicated. After having a good experience with an epidural the first time, it only felt natural to have another epidural when I was pregnant with my daughter, Lady Bug. Her labor and delivery was extremely fast. I had to receive Pitocin; which, in hindsight, probably was not the best thing for her as it intensified my already fast moving labor. With the Pitocin I could feel the contractions more and for a second during my L&D I thought that if I were to get pregnant a third time maybe I would try for a natural birth. We’ll see what happens with the third but that’s not the point of why I’m writing this.

As a mother who has had an epidural I have to admit that I often hang my head in embarrassment around those who have not. Why do I feel this way? I think a large part of it is because most of us feel passionately about the choices we make as parents. While I do think (and I’m sure some of you will disagree but again, bear with me before you become upset) that my decision to have epidurals was a good choice for my births. I am not, however, passionate about those decisions. The moms I have come in contact with who have birthed naturally are very passionate about their decision. And why shouldn’t they be? It is a major feat to overcome with a wonderful reward on the other side. I have realized that their passion is excitement over the miracle that their bodies have just accomplished.

That passion, however, can sometimes feel judgmental. This goes for any parenting choice you make passionately. I know that as a cloth diaper mama I am passionate about using cloth diapers. My main reason for that passion is because I’m excited that I can cloth diaper and I want to encourage those around me that they can too. I’m certain, however, that my excitement and passion comes across as judgment on my friends who use disposable diapers. The same goes for my choice to breastfeed both of my children until they are at least a year old. I had a difficult time breastfeeding Buggie initially so there is a part of me that passionately believes that if I can do it anyone can. I think that whatever circle you move in, if you are not the “norm” then you, or should I say “I,” feel judged because of my own insecurity even when it’s not the intent of those around me.

I have a good friend who had an amazing non-medicated birth that lasted 24 hours. She is passionate about birthing naturally. I have felt judged by her in the past. Then I took a step back from myself and looked at her intentions. She’s not judging me. She’s excited and believes in the parenting decision she has made to birth naturally. She is not trying to say that I’m less than a mother or that I have screwed up my children because I chose to have a medicated birth. It is my own insecurity in that decision that causes me to feel

I’ve come to realize this insecurity of mine as I have been reading the birth stories that I feature on my blog for a segment called Telling Stories Tuesdays. The stories are amazing and the women that have shared show strength and courage in all of their births.  Some have had things go according to plan while others have not. These stories inspire me and, who knows, maybe I’ll feel like I can give birth naturally the time next around.

I have to say that I’m sorry to any of you formula feeding, disposable diaper using mamas who may have felt inadequate in your decisions as a parent because of the conversations you’ve had with me or the writings I have posted. I really hope that from now on what I portray as I talk about my love for cloth diapers, breastfeeding and natural living is an excitement about the possibilities rather than a passionate judgment.
I want for you to share in that excitement with me and see the possibilities. Let us stand together as moms, encouraging each other to be the best that we can and understand that that’s what drives our passion. I hope you’ll join me in lovingly encouraging each other.

Elizabeth (aka Bert) Anderson married her college sweetheart in 2005, and started her journey into motherhood in 2008 with the birth of her son.  She started blogging in 2009 as a way to keep track of her thoughts on being a first time mom, especially her struggle with postpartum depression, and as a way of reaching out to other moms who are struggling with the same things.  This June, Bert had another first in her motherhood travels - a little girl!  Even though she's newly a mother of two, Bert maintains that no matter how many children you have you will always be a "first time mom" because there's a first time for everything!  Visit her blog, at FTM. Bert is a contributor for She Thinks Media.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

How to fold prefold cloth diapers - The Newspaper fold

The Newspaper Fold

Fold the prefold into thirds again and then open the part of the prefold that will go under the baby’s bum out.
Place baby on top of the prefold and pull the front of the prefold over baby.
Then bring the “wings” of the prefold forward around your baby’s hips and fasten with a Snappi. I think that fastening the sides of the Snappi first works better than using the bottom part of the Snappi, it seems to “stick” better that way.

*If the prefold is too large a size for the baby it can be folded down in the front, toward the inside, to make the prefolds rise accurate for the baby's size.

Photo tutorial courtesy of Bert, The First Time Mom

Friday, January 20, 2012

It's only effective when it's real! - Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces

Baltic Amber is all the rage right now and I'm starting to see it everywhere. Most of them are around $20-25, but I've seen a few for a lot less.

There's a catch to the low price: many of the lower cost necklaces are just glass or plastic and will do nothing to alleviate your baby's pain.

The most common fakes are made of glass or plastic. They all look astonishingly similar, and the only way to really tell if it's real destroys the necklace.

So how can you be sure that Knickernappies Baltic Amber is real? We do the testing for you! The most accurate, non-scientific test is a burn test. Hold a flame to the amber until it starts to put off an odor.

  • If it's glass, it will never put off an odor.
  • If it's plastic, the beads will melt and smell like burned plastic.
  • But if it's genuine baltic amber, then it'll smell sharply of pine resin. A lot like a Christmas tree, actually.

The first time we did this test, I was sweating a bit, thinking "Oh gosh, what if it's fake?!" But soon, as my husband held the necklace and I applied the flame, as we watched the silk cord burn away, the air was filled with the tangy scent of pine trees. We've done this testing several times so that we can always guarantee that our baltic amber products are genuine, effective, and worth your hard-earned money.

How does Baltic Amber work?
In a nutshell, baltic amber (and this is only for amber from the Baltic Sea area) secretes succinic acid. This is a mild acid that is a natural pain reliever. Babies do not need to chew on or mouth baltic amber; it is effective when worn against the skin. As the amber is warmed by the skin's natural warmth, it secretes the acid, which is absorbed by the skin. Many pediatricians and dentists now recommend baltic amber necklaces as a natural teething pain reliever.

Where is Baltic Amber made?
Since baltic amber is a natural resin, it's not made but rather collected. Most baltic amber is collected from beaches around the Baltic Sea. The best comes from Lithuania, which is where all of Knickernappies Baltic Amber products are made. (If a baltic amber product says Made in China, it's probably fake. They don't have baltic amber in China. Of course they can import it, but mostly, they don't.)

Is wearing a Baltic Amber necklace safe?
It is safe under adult supervision. Many parents let their child wear them under their shirt during the day, and at night wrap it around the ankle and cover it with a sock. Others feel comfortable letting their babies wear it 24/7 as a necklace. Our necklaces are made with 100% silk cord. This cord is slightly stretchy, so if pressure is applied, it will stretch a little. But if too much pressure is applied, as when the necklace gets caught on something, the cord will break. This is almost like a breakaway cat collar...it's the same idea and it's intended to work this way for safety. Also, the beads aren't merely strung on a cord, they are strung one at a time and the cord is knotted between each bead. This way, if the cord should break, only 1 bead is loose. The beads are very small and do not pose a choking hazard. And we do offer bracelets as well. We recommend 2 bracelets to equal the effectiveness of a necklace. They can be worn at the wrist or on the ankle.

Many of our retailers carry our full line of baltic amber products. If you need help locating a retailer, just let us know!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cloth Diaper Confessional, What skeletons are in your FLUFFY closet?

Do you get those looks of raised eyebrows when you mention that you use cloth diapers? That look that says, “Oh wow, you do it all, don’t you?” And with that look comes this unspoken assumption that you think you’re a better mother, a better woman than the rest out there.

You and I both know that’s not the case. At least I sincerely hope that you agree with me that you don’t think you’re all that and a bag of chips because you use cloth diapers. Here’s my cloth diapering confessional, perhaps yours is the same too:

Confession #1 – I didn’t choose to cloth diaper because I wanted to save the planet. I wasn’t trying to be green or trendy. In fact it wasn’t my idea. It was my husband’s and we chose to cloth diaper as a means of saving money in the long run. I do have to say that when I was younger I watched the Nickelodeon TV show Clarissa Explains It All. I loved the globe dangling earrings that Clarissa wore so much that I also purchased them. I also thought that I could single-handedly save the Earth just like Clarissa.

Confession #2 – I don’t have any cows or chickens in my backyard nor am I able to grow all of the fruits and vegetables that my family consumes. I often feel like the minute that I tell someone I use cloth diapers I’m automatically put into a crunchy category that places me with people who are able to live the kind of lifestyle that is all fresh, all organic and home grown everything. That’s not the case for me. I do wish it was but the truth is that it isn’t.

Confession #3My stash of fluff isn’t always tucked away neatly in a creative storage space. Often times it’s still sitting in the laundry basket and will stay there until the next time I have to wash diapers. That’s right I put my diapers together while I’m changing my baby’s diaper.

Confession #4Sometimes my baby wears disposables *gasp!* - especially in the beginning. When I started using cloth diapers on my son in 2008 I was a new mom and the world of cloth diapering was relatively small and kind of confusing to try to navigate. I didn’t start using cloth diapers until my son was a little over eight weeks old and I was more than okay about using disposables when the going got tough. Even with my youngest daughter who was born this past summer, I again waited until she was about eight weeks old before I put her into cloth. Why? Lack of confidence and experience. I’m going to start using cloth diapers right off the bat with my next one. (And no, I’m not pregnant.)

Confession #5 – I’m not Super Woman and sometimes the last thing I want to think about is dealing with those diapers! Yes, I do get a little tired of doing anything that has to do with cloth diapers. I sometimes see that the pail is getting full and I think to myself, Crap, I have to wash these again. I feel that way about a lot of the things that I have to do as a mom though and I’m sure you do too. It’s the same feeling you get when you finish lunch for everyone and you see the mess in the kitchen. Sometimes the last thing I want to do is put the dishes away and the only thing I want to do is sit on the couch and figure out what’s happening in the world of General Hospital.

My point in writing this little confessional is to show you that I’m normal. I’m not some amazing woman who is too good to use a disposable diaper or feed her children McDonald’s french fries. I’m just trying to save a buck to help my family, make a good decision to preserve the land my kids are going to live in after I’m gone and give them something soft to sit in until they’re able to relieve themselves on their own in a toilet. Cloth diapering for me has opened my eyes to a greener way of living and yes, in my opinion, a better way of living. That doesn’t mean though that I think I’m better than those who don’t use cloth diapers. I’m passionate about the things that I like and care about. I like cloth diapers. I like the way they’ve helped my family save money and helped afford to have me stay at home. I like how gentle they’ve been on my kids’ skin. I even like that they helped my son want to get out of diapers faster. It’s because of my fondness of cloth diapers that I talk about them passionately. I like them. I want those I come in contact with to like them too and to realize that it really isn’t as much work as you might think it is.

So those are my confessions, what are yours?
Elizabeth (aka Bert) Anderson married her college sweetheart in 2005, and started her journey into motherhood in 2008 with the birth of her son.  She started blogging in 2009 as a way to keep track of her thoughts on being a first time mom, especially her struggle with postpartum depression, and as a way of reaching out to other moms who are struggling with the same things.  This June, Bert had another first in her motherhood travels - a little girl!  Even though she's newly a mother of two, Bert maintains that no matter how many children you have you will always be a "first time mom" because there's a first time for everything!  Visit her blog, at FTM. Bert is a contributor for She Thinks Media.

Friday, January 13, 2012

TWELVE Ways to Green UP in 2012!

Using cloth diapers has really changed my perspective on the world and the way I live. I am more aware of what I am putting in the garbage and whether or not I’m wasting something. In an effort to do a New Year’s resolution this year I have decided to take 12 steps for a greener 2012:

  1. I will keep the lights off in rooms I’m not using. When I was a little girl I was fearfully afraid of the dark. Now as an adult I literally like to leave every light on in the house. I think some of it is a habit and left over fear from my childhood. There’s no need for it though.
  2. Switching to wool dryer balls rather than dryer sheets. I’ve been thinking about this for a while and recently made the switch to using wool dryer balls. I haven’t noticed a difference in the softness of the clothes. As far as the smell goes, I have a friend who makes essential oil dryer bags that go into your dryer and make your clothes smell pretty!
  3. Using vinegar for the majority of my cleaning. Vinegar is an awesome household cleaner. It’s safe on your household items as well as the environment plus you know that it can be safely ingested. No need to worry about your crawling baby getting sick from your floors if you used vinegar!
  4. I will unplug appliances that I don’t use. I’ve already done this with my toaster b/c we only use it in the morning; however, I will start unplugging the other appliances that I don’t use on a regular basis throughout the day. Sure it’ll be annoying with the coffee pot b/c it has a clock on it but I think I can survive.
  5. I will start soaking my dishes in soapy water rather than running the water while I’m washing them. This one’s hard for me. I hate doing dishes and I love using my little soapy scrubber wand! I am setting an example though to my kids and it is really wasteful.
  6. I will start using eco-friendly or organic hand soap. Not only is it better for our skin it’s better for the environment.
  7. I will not turn the heat up or the AC down if I’m hot or cold, I’ll leave it at its original setting. My hubby will like this b/c we have a constant battle over the temperature in our house. He looks at it from a financial standpoint and I look at it from a comfort standpoint. I guess I can always put on more clothes or take a few off!
  8. I will use eco-friendly dish soap and laundry detergent. I’ve already started using eco friendly laundry detergent by switching my family to using Eco Sprout for all of our laundering needs. Now I need to find good dish soap. In my search for one I learned that you can put vinegar in the rinsing agent compartment of your dishwasher and it does a great job of rinsing your dishes!
  9. I’m going to know the source of where my meat comes from! My hubby’s uncle is a cattle farmer so that’s where our beef comes from so that’s not a problem. Finding out where our chicken comes from is something that I need to become better about. My hubby’s also a deer hunter so we do eat venison. (Sorry to any of you who are vegetarians out there!)
  10. No more bottled water. Our family’s been doing this for quite some time so it’s not necessarily a change for us but perhaps it’ll inspire you if you haven’t gone that route yet.
  11. Using our dish washer, washing machine and dryer during off peak times of the night. Rather than running the dish washer during the day I’ve been setting it to go at 11pm or midnight. This doesn’t really work that well for my washing clothes and diapers routine but I’m still figuring it out.
  12. Finally since I already use cloth diapers my resolution in this area is to only use disposables when absolutely necessary like when we’re in a place and I have to drop my daughter off where they won’t accept cloth diapers.
What are ways you plan on greening up your life? Do you have any tips for me or others out there who are looking to make a change?

Elizabeth (aka Bert) Anderson married her college sweetheart in 2005, and started her journey into motherhood in 2008 with the birth of her son.  She started blogging in 2009 as a way to keep track of her thoughts on being a first time mom, especially her struggle with postpartum depression, and as a way of reaching out to other moms who are struggling with the same things.  This June, Bert had another first in her motherhood travels - a little girl!  Even though she's newly a mother of two, Bert maintains that no matter how many children you have you will always be a "first time mom" because there's a first time for everything!  Visit her blog, at FTM. Bert is a contributor for She Thinks Media.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The many applications and benefits of using Coconut oil.

Coconut oil…what is it? How do you even begin to use it? I have quite a few friends who swear by using coconut oil on their skin, cooking with it and even eating it by the spoonful. Why is it so great for you? I have been wondering the same thing so I did a little research on coconut oil to educate myself and let you in on it as well.

Coconut oil is made of three important acids - lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid. When the presences of these acids are in a substance the result is that it makes a product antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, and an antioxidant. That’s a natural way to ward off viruses and bacteria.

Coconut oil is also an awesome oil to use on your skin. It is one of the best forms of saturated fat and is about 99 percent comprised of that. This makes it an excellent moisturizer for dry, flakey skin. Some have had success with using it on eczema and psoriasis; some haven’t, the views on that seem to be very differing in the Internet world.

Without getting too scientific, just know this, coconut oil is good for you. It will not raise your cholesterol. In fact it actually helps raise your good cholesterol – the HDL (think “h” is for happy) – which as a result lowers the bad cholesterol – the LDL.

How do you buy it?
According to Organic Facts.net, the kind of coconut oil you buy depends on how you plan on using it. If you plan on using coconut oil in your cooking or in your hair you should purchase refined coconut oil. If you plan on using it for weight loss, massaging oil, to help aid in good health or for medicinal uses you should buy virgin coconut oil or organic coconut oil. Always buy from a reputable retailer and one that you trust. While you probably won’t find it in your typical super grocery stores you will probably be able to find it at a health store or one that sells only organic and natural foods. It’s usually found in a solid state and will turn into liquid when it’s heated up.

And if you’re a cloth diaper user coconut oil is safe to use directly on your cloth diapers without a liner. Supposedly, because it’s anti – well, everything – it’s a great diaper rash cream. A few blogs I researched said that they didn’t have to strip their diapers after using it and while I haven’t tested it out myself, I think I believe them.

Will I try my hand at using coconut oil? Yes! I’m going to give it a go. We’ll see what I think so keep your eye out for another post!

Elizabeth (aka Bert) Anderson married her college sweetheart in 2005, and started her journey into motherhood in 2008 with the birth of her son.  She started blogging in 2009 as a way to keep track of her thoughts on being a first time mom, especially her struggle with postpartum depression, and as a way of reaching out to other moms who are struggling with the same things.  This June, Bert had another first in her motherhood travels - a little girl!  Even though she's newly a mother of two, Bert maintains that no matter how many children you have you will always be a "first time mom" because there's a first time for everything!  Visit her blog, at FTM. Bert is a contributor for She Thinks Media.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Official Knickernappies Diaper Hunt Winners List!

Wow, what a lot of fun that was!  You all really shocked us with your enthusiastic participation in our 1st Knickernappies Diaper Hunt. The sponsors were great, the clues and hints were fun and over the last week we've been sorting through the entries and have finally finished selecting all the random winners!

Below is a list of all the winners.  If you've made the list, you have 7 days to claim your prize.  Please look for an email from the sponsor who's prize you won or contact them directly via email or their facebook pages to claim your prize.

Sponsored Prizes:
  • Rachel Hess, Super Do Insert from Soft and Cozy Baby
  • Andrea Bowles, Amber Teething Necklace from Diaper Daisy
  • Lana Voynich, Custom Fit Diaper with LoopyDo Insert from Cloth Diaper Outlet
  • Rebekah Bjork, OS Diaper with Micro Inserts from Snooty Booty Diapers
  • Cassie Paulson, OS Diaper with Micro Inserts from My Baby Pumpkin
  • Geri Surley, OS Diaper with Micro Inserts from Bum Luxury
  • Jennifer Houghton, Custom Fit Diaper with Micro Insert from Bum Covered Diapers
  • Heather Hough, OS Diaper with Micro Inserts from Everything Birth
  • Desiree Ryan, OS Diaper with Micro Inserts from Diva Diapers
  • Melissa Genard, OS Diaper with Micro Inserts from Petite Bottoms
  • Jen Lovell, Baltic Amber Necklace from Ecological Babies
  • Kate Rogers, Stackable Mama Pad Set from Cloth Kisses
  • Tara Massini, Baby Bum Drops Wipe Solution from Dexter's Diapers
  • Melissa Miles, OS Diaper with Micro Inserts from Fluff Envy
  • Kate Barnt, Baltic Amber Teething Bracelet from The Stork Wearhouse
  • Elizabeth Granillo, OS Diaper with Micro Inserts from Rock Easy Diaper Co.
  • Mia Martie, (2) Super Do Inserts from Diaper Junction
  • Donna Hughes, OS Diaper with Micro Inserts from Squishy Tushy
  • Kyomi Dickinson, Custom Fit Diaper with Micro Insert from Mommy Secrets
  • Audra Barrick, (3) Just Hemp Inserts from Luvaboos
  • Heather Biehl, Celery Doorknob Diaper Pail from Cute Caboose
  • Stephanie Reed, (2) OS Diapers with Micro Inserts from Kelly's Closet/DiaperShops
  • Tiffany Clark, Custom Fit Pocket Diaper from My Precious Kid
  • Fern Tan, OS Diaper with Micro Inserts from Dream Diapers
  • Joyce Dorsey, Doorknob Diaper Pail from Nappy Shoppe
Grand Prize Winner:
  • Amy Lozinski, (6) Knickernappies Custom Fit Pocket Diapers with Micro Inserts from Knickernapies 
Thank you all for making our Diaper Hunt a success!  We look forward to many more to come and we can assure you, they'll be bigger and better!

    Thursday, January 5, 2012

    What about the POOP?

    I frequently get the question from other moms who don’t use cloth diapers, what about the poop? Actually the conversation usually goes like this –

    Non-CD Mom: What about the poop?!
    Me: Yeah? What about it?
    Non-CD Mom: What do you do with it?
    Me: I use my diaper sprayer and spray it into the toilet.
    Non-CD Mom: Well, then what about when you have to wash them?
    Me: What about washing them?
    Non-CD Mom: Isn’t it gross in your washing machine?
    Me: Um…no because I already sprayed the poop off.

    Ah…if you’ve stopped in your tracks at the thought of using cloth diapers because of the poop let me tell you, it is a far, far cry from the poopy cloth diaper of yesteryear. There are so many great products and accessories to help you with cleaning the poo off of your fluff that I bet by the end of this you’ll be chomping at the bit to purchase them and dive into poop removal!

    The Diaper Sprayer
    In my opinion, the invention of the diaper sprayer is quite possible the best and most practical accessory for cloth diaper users. The sprayer is attached to your toilet. When you have a dirty diaper, you turn the sprayer on and simply spray the poop into the toilet. When you’re finished spraying you wring the diaper out and place it in your dry or wet pail. No more swishing pooping diapers in the toilet let the sprayer do the dirty work.

    Flushable Liners
    It’s a lightweight liner that is strong enough to hold poop but lightweight enough so that you can flush them down the toilet. It’s a great way to get rid of poop and keep your hands clean. You should know, however, that if you have a septic tank you should not use flushable liners. I have also found that if your baby does not have a pretty regular pooping time you’ll go through more liners than you would if your baby poops on a schedule. From an economical point I’d only use these if your baby is very regular.

    Reusable Liners
    These are my favorite way to use cloth diapers when I’m travelling. You do have to do a little swishing in the toilet if your baby poops, however, it’s nothing compared to having to swish the big diaper! And if the poop is more solid than it is squishy, it’s even easier to dump and clean.

    If you think about it you have the same possibility of getting poop on your hands, clothes, pretty much anywhere, with disposable diapers as you do with cloth diapers. The difference is that you really have to rinse the poop out in the toilet with cloth while you should be doing the same with disposables. That’s right, human waste shouldn’t even be in landfills. Technically you should be shaking and rinsing your poopy disposables out in the toilet. Read the information on that pack of disposables and you’ll see. Now that’s an image, huh? Have you ever gotten a disposable wet with water? It literally explodes and the gel that’s inside of it gets everywhere.

    Your baby’s poop is not nearly as gross to you as another baby’s poop and you know why? Because it belongs to your baby and you’re here to care for him/her. If that means your hands get a little messy you know that’s okay. You’ll endure most anything to care for that little bundle in your arms.

    Elizabeth (aka Bert) Anderson married her college sweetheart in 2005, and started her journey into motherhood in 2008 with the birth of her son.  She started blogging in 2009 as a way to keep track of her thoughts on being a first time mom, especially her struggle with postpartum depression, and as a way of reaching out to other moms who are struggling with the same things.  This June, Bert had another first in her motherhood travels - a little girl!  Even though she's newly a mother of two, Bert maintains that no matter how many children you have you will always be a "first time mom" because there's a first time for everything!  Visit her blog, at FTM. Bert is a contributor for She Thinks Media.

    Monday, January 2, 2012

    Today's Featured Fluff Addict is...Maria!

    Today were featuring Maria, a certified Fluff Addict!  Read our interview with her below and get to know her a little better.

    First, tell us your name and a little about your family.
    I am Maria, a SAHM married for 8 years to my husband. I have been a SAHM since my first was born in 2006. Together we have 3 children, and one more expected to arrive in May 2012. My last two children are cloth diapered. My 4 yr old son wears cloth protection at night even though he is potty trained during the day, and my youngest 18 month old daughter is full time cloth diapered. I use a combination of pockets with flats for inserts and prefolds with covers. My favorite diapers are Prefolds, Covers and Pocket Diapers.

    Our family used to live in a house near a river that was in a flood zone, and the reason I got interested in cloth diapers was because there were times when water would surround out house and we were unable to leave unless we took a boat.  The electricity and everything still worked, we just got "stuck" by the flood waters at times.  I always wondered what I would do in the event that I ran out of disposable diapers, so I took a chance and ordered some pockets, fell in love with how cute and soft they were, and found out quickly how easy it was to wash them, and I was hooked from then on.  We don't live in the flood zone anymore, but I have continued to use cloth because I enjoy the money savings, my babies are cuter, and I have been able to help 4 other moms switch over to cloth diapers as they've seen me use them and realized how cool and easy they are.

    Where are you located?
    Cedar Falls, Iowa

    Do you have or have you had children in cloth diapers?  Were you cloth diapered as a child?
    Two in cloth, one uses protection overnight, one is in diapers full time.  My mom tried cloth when I was a baby, but got too frustrated by the pins and plastic pants and gave up to use "paper diapers".

    What's the primary reason you chose to use cloth diapers?

    I got them for "emergency situations" only living in a flood zone where there were rare times we were unable to drive away from our house.  I didn't want to be stuck in the position of being with out disposable diapers, so I invested in a few cloth diapers and was hooked when I found out how cute and easy they were.

    Favorite part about using cloth diapers?Favorite part about using cloth diapers?
    How easy it is.  They seem so much more comfortable and I love not buying disposables at the store.  There are diapering accessories like disposable liners and diaper sprayers that makes flushing the poo crazy-easy.

    What does your family or friends think about your decision to use cloth?
    They all support it.  In fact, my sister in law is due with her first baby next year and she is asking all sorts of questions about cloth diapers.  The money savings is appealing to her!

    Any funny cloth diaper related stories or bloopers you'd like to share?
    A babysitter once put a pocket diaper on backwards before my child went down for the night.  When I got him up in the morning and unzipped his PJs I was surprised to see it wrapped around his body the wrong way, was pretty confused how someone could mess that up, but the diaper still held on and didn't leak!

    Besides the actual diaper, what would you consider to be a must have cloth diaper accessory?
    Diaper Sprayer and Pail Liners!

    Of all the Knickernappies products, which would you most like to try and why?
    I'm skeptical of how amber necklaces work, but I'd like to try them to see if they'd soothe my teething toddler.

    What piece of advice would you give to a mom considering cloth diapers for her baby?
    Try a variety of styles. I used to love pockets, but fell in love with prefolds and covers once I gave them a try with my last newborn. Now I only use pockets for out of the house and overnight, stuffing inserts in just a few is better than stuffing a whole load!


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