Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cloth Diaper Detergent Immunity? Is there such a thing?

OK, there's not really anything called cloth diaper immunity, but sometimes it seems like your diapers can build one.

What am I referring to?  Well I'm talking about the fact that families always seem to be in need of changing their cloth diaper washing routine.  Just when you think you've got your routine down pat, next thing you know that infamous cloth diaper odor rears it's ugly head leaving you to question all that you thought you knew about washing diapers.

Could those diapers have suddenly become immune to your detergent, the one you've been counting on and using for so long?  No.  Of course not, there's no way, but there could be other culprits at work behind the scenes.

Things to consider if you find your cloth diaper washing routine has suddenly stopped working.
  • Do you have a water softener?  Make sure that it's still functioning properly and hasn't run out of salt.  I can't tell you how many times I've checked mine only to discover that it was accidentally unplugged or out of salt.
  • Did you use enough detergent?  Mommy brain, it's a real thing!  Could you have washed a load of laundry without adding detergent?  Stranger things have happened.  Perhaps you used detergent but added way too much or not enough?
  • Did you skip a rinse cycle that you normally add before or after you wash?
  • Did you wash more diaper than normal or had they sat in the diaper pail longer than usual?  Sometimes it's literally the littlest things that can affect your wash and how clean your diapers get.
 This post is just a reminder, that before you divorce your beloved cloth diaper detergent and go in search of another, there could be simple things affecting your wash routine.  If the detergent did the trick before, chances are that it's not to blame for your suddenly stinky diaper laundry.

What do you think?  Does any of this sound familiar? 


Jena said...

we've had very few stink issues, maybe 2. We use Nellie's, which we get from ($100 for a huge pail), and stink issues are remedied by a simple hot water stripping at the end of a wash cycle. it's worked well,so far (10 months)!

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