Monday, October 17, 2011

Sometimes pictures can do all the cloth diaper advocating for you!

Guest Post by Lisa B.

I'm not sure why I decided to clothdiaper this time around. With my daughter, who's now 4, I never gave a thought to buying diapers box after box after box. Sure, I felt it was a waste of money, and who knows what happens to those things in the landfill? But cloth diapers were a bit of a mystery.

This time I need to save money any way I can, so I asked a friend about cloth diapers. She is so passionate about it that I was convinced. I ordered a few and rushed to the mailbox each day to see if the “fluffy mail” had arrived. (Since we didn't find out the sex of the baby, I couldn't really wash clothes. Washing those cute, colorful cloth diapers gave me something to do when the nesting urge hit.)

I became a bit addicted to cloth diaper blogs and websites, cruising through the pages to see all the different types and reading testimonials from moms. I couldn't wait to wrap my baby in cloth.

Most of the sites urge you to spread the word about cloth diapers, but how could I when I was a newbie? I was still figuring out what “prefold” meant. (Did it come prefolded?)

Enter social networking, in this case, the wonders of Facebook. Without even trying I've let my friends know about cloth, just by the simple act of posting a photo with my baby sporting a cute cloth diaper. This isn't even intentional – I just happen to think that chubby babies wearing only a diaper is about the cutest thing in the world.

The most recent photo, taken by my 4-year-old, captured my baby boy's grin as I covered his cheeks with kisses. Being a hot summer evening, he was wearing only a red Knickernappies diaper. (Or maybe his clothes had been stripped due to his messy eating – it all just means more laundry to me.) At any rate, I posted that image as my “profile picture” on Facebook.
His contagious smile garnered lots of responses, but that bright diaper caught one friend's eye. She asked me about it, and then wanted to know my favorite brands. I immediately responded, probably gushing a little too much. And I added a few of my favorite websites as well.

Some days I find Facebook annoying, when I see people update their status hourly. But it has become a great networking tool in our world, and I monitor the news feed every morning to check for cloth diaper news and giveaways (I even won once!). And now I can use it to spread the word about cloth diapers in a quiet way – I'll let my baby's cuteness and round, cloth-diapered bottom, do the talking.

Bio:  Lisa J is a freelance writer who lives in Eastern Oregon with her husband and two children, Olivia, 4, and Max, 7 months.


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