Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday's Featured Fluff Addict is Rachel, aka Green Mama!

We just love sharing these brief interviews with you all.  It's so fun getting to know a little about the mamas who use cloth diapers and their families.  This week we're happy to introduce you to Rachel, the blogger behind the site Happy Green Babies!  Read her interview below and get to know her a little better.

Rachel, tell us about yourself and your family-
My name is Rachel, I am a wife and I have 2 boys.  I have been writing about natural parenting since 2009 at Happy Green Babies, where I give my experiences on the best, easiest and most economical ways to go green.  My website focuses on the "how to" of natural parenting and my personal interests include local food, breastfeeding, natural childbirth, cloth diapers, babywearing and more!

Where are you located?

Baltimore, MD

Do you have or have you had children in cloth diapers?  Yes, I have a 7 month old in cloth diapers and a 2.5 year old who was potty trained at 2, but cloth diapered all the way!

What's the primary reason you chose to use cloth diapers?  To be more eco-friendly and to save money!

Favorite part about using cloth diapers?  Showing off my baby's cute bums in a fluffy adorable fabric!

What does your family or friends think about your decision to use cloth?  Some think I'm crazy for washing all those cloth diapers and others are envious of all the money I save.

Any funny cloth diaper related stories or bloopers you'd like to share?
  I clogged my sewer line with diaper was a total disaster!  I wrote about my experience here.  Needless to say, this answers your next question.

Besides the actual diaper, what would you consider to be a must
have cloth diaper accessory?  A diaper sprayer!

Of all the Knickernappies products, which would you most like to try and why?  The Organic Hemp Inserts.  Although I've made cloth diapers myself I've never made any  hemp inserts.  I'd like to try out the hemp and compare the absorbency with microfiiber and cotton.

What piece of advice would you give to a mom considering cloth diapers for her baby?  Give it a try, you'll quickly see how easy it really is!  I did a ton of reseach before I started but if you are hesitant, read my experiences and advice because I've been through it all.

To stay connected with Rachel make sure to follow her blog and like her on FaceBook as well!


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