Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Facebook Pages, The NEW Customer Support Center?

I've found myself doing it too.  I need to hit a local store, instead of looking it up in the phone book...(by the way my 8 yr old saw our phone book the other day and asked, what is that?) I go straight to Facebook.  Surely XYZ store has a FaceBook Page?  And, they do!

I find it so interesting how quickly we're phasing out the old and getting on with the new.  Do businesses need an 800 number anymore, a customer support email system, a live chat option?  It's looking more and more like they don't.

With regards to cloth diapers, Facebook is becoming the catch all for customer service, product support, order tracking and more.  Now customers are helping customers when their questions are shared on a pages wall and business owners are able to provide public support and customer service all in one place.  I think it's pretty amazing personally.

How do you feel that Facebook has changed how you look for customer support?  Do you find yourself more interested in asking the online community for support rather than taking your chances with a personal email or phone call?  Do you feel you're able to get more immediate responses to your inquiries as opposed to the "traditional" methods of contact?


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