Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dads discuss the "Cloth vs. Disposable" debate over a glass of beer!

This is an interesting take on the "cloth vs. disposables" debate.  The guys over at Dadlabs did a pretty good job in my opinion, in covering the cost of cloth versus disposables, the varying environmental impacts of both and the inconvenience factor.

While I do think they did a fairly good job, they left out some key advantages to using cloth diapers.  Perhaps it was the beer that made them forget, but I'll guess they left them out because they don't use cloth or did not use cloth and just didn't realize.

Some of the important things to remember that they didn't mention are
  • The fact that cloth diapers can be used for future children making the investment in diapers for that child an absolute non-issue.
  • The fact that cloth diapers can be resold if maintained properly and a family can re-coup 50% or more of their investment.
  • The fact that children who are cloth diapered often potty train earlier than if they were disposable diapered.
  • The fact that if you use one size cloth diapers you can use the same diaper stash for two children at the same time.
  • The fact that cloth is a healthier and more natural alternative and much better for baby.  They made no real mention of the carcinogens and toxins used in the manufacturing of cloth and the possible effects of exposure on babies and children.
What did you think?  Can you think of anything else they left out?


Anonymous said...

At our place water sewer and garbage is paid for so we only pay electric so our cost towards cloth is far less. Plus we hand wash, and line dry so we use even less. Using a portable washer like wonder wash or many other brands also use small amounts of water and electric while getting the job done like a full size machine. You don't have to buy name brands to get good quality diapers! I went with a u.s.a. based, cheaper company and my diapers will have payed for themselves in a couple months.

Anonymous said...

i have 60 one size diapers and only spent 180 including my wet bags and diaper sprayer and pails I wash every 5 days and line dry have an he machine u guys made cloth diapering sound way more expensive than it is and its a shame u are hoping to deter people from using cloth I initially started my diaper stash with 27 diapers and washed every 2-3 days

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