Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The 2011 Cloth Diaper Awards are coming! Make your nominations!

Have you heard of Padded Tush Stats?  They're an awesome cloth diaper review site that you can refer to when you want real, honest, factual reviews of cloth diapers that you might be interested in trying or purchasing.

Well, Padded Tush Stats is hosting their Annual Cloth Diaper Awards!  You have from now through October 31, 2011 to nominate
  • Diaper of the year  
  • Cloth Diaper Retailer of the Year 
  • Cloth Diaper Resource of the Year, excluding Padded Tush Stats 
  • Cloth Diaper Accessory of the Year
If you love Knickernappies we'd love for you to nominate any of our products or accessories!  Have a favorite retailer?   Nominate your favorite retailer!


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