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Friday's Featured Fluff Addict is...Chana from Adventures in Fluff!

Welcome back to our Featured Fluff Addict segment!  Our stockpile of fluff addicted mamas and papas has been replenished and so here we are!  Today we have a super cool cloth diapering mama to introduce to you, it's Chana from the blog Adventures in Fluff!

Tell us your name and a little about your family.
Hi!  My name is Chana.  Together with my wonderful husband Brian, we are raising two rambunctious little girls.  Riley is 5 years old and just started Kindergarten.  She’s so smart and loves to do craft projects.  Reagan is 4 years old and in her last year of pre-school.  She’s my little comedian and loves to play dress up with her dolls.  After years of thinking we were done having children, Brian and I decided to make a go for number three.  We’re having a boy!!!  Lincoln will be here very soon and is due on November 2nd.  Both Brian and I now work at home so we’re excited that we’ll be able to spend a lot of time with our girls and our newest addition this fall.

Where are you located?
Fresno, California

Do you have or have you had children in cloth diapers?  Were you cloth diapered as a child?
I did not cloth diaper either of my girls and to be honest it never even crossed my mind.  I was not cloth diapered as a child and knew of nobody that had used cloth diapers.  I came across a pregnancy board posting that discussed cloth diapering while pregnant this time around and all the benefits of cloth diapering greatly intrigued me.  I started researching everything I could about cloth diapering and chatting in all the cloth diaper forums.  Soon enough I was hooked.  I was going to cloth diaper our third child.

What's the primary reason you chose to use cloth diapers?
I know that there many great reasons to cloth diaper (cost savings, the environmental benefits, lack of chemicals, etc.), but my main reasons that pulled me in to cloth diapering were the comfort for the baby and the cuteness factor.  I just kept thinking about how much I hate wearing disposable pads when on my period and it really made me feel bad for my baby having to wear diapers 24 hours a day for 2-3 years of their life.  Granted, they don’t know any different, but I do so I’d like them to be as comfortable as possible.  Then there is the cuteness factor.  Enough said on that one.  Cloth diapers are sooooooo cute!!!!

Favorite part about using cloth diapers?
I haven’t started using them yet, but my favorite part so far is educating everyone around me about a whole other option out there for diapering that a lot of mom’s and dad’s don’t know a lot about.  They are still envisioning the old ways of cloth diapering and don’t know how much cloth diapering has advanced.  It’s great when you see that spark in their eye and they too get as excited about cloth as I did when I first found out about it.

What does your family or friends think about your decision to use cloth?
Unfortunately most of my friends and family think I’m crazy to try cloth diapering.  They think it’s too much work, gross to clean, and that I will quit after a month or less.  There are a few that are with me all the way, including my mother in law.  She cloth diapered my husband and is amazed at all the new products that have come out.  I think it’s funny that my husband still has some concerns and he was in fact cloth diapered as a child.

Any funny cloth diaper related stories or bloopers you'd like to share?
No funny stories yet, but I’m sure there are lots to come.  With the lack of sleep that comes with being a mommy to a newborn and having to put diapers on in the middle of the night, there are sure to be a few mix-ups in the process, and all you can do is laugh.

Besides the actual diaper, what would you consider to be a must have cloth diaper accessory?
This one is a tie for me.  It has to be between a diaper pail liner and cloth wipes.  I picked the diaper pail liner because I’d hate to wash out a diaper pail constantly to get the pee and poop out of it.  It just makes sense to have a liner that you can toss into the washing machine along with your dirty diapers.  My other must have cloth diaper accessory would be cloth wipes.  If you’re going to be doing laundry anyways there’s no reason not to use cloth wipes.  They have all the same benefits as cloth diapering and I didn’t want to add yet another place to stick dirty disposable wipes.  Why make things harder when you can make it easier with cloth wipes.

Of all the Knickernappies products, which would you most like to try and why?
I heard that the Knickernappies breast pads were the best, so I’ve already purchased some of those and can’t wait to test them out.  Of course I’d LOVE to try some of their pocket diapers.  Side snaps have always intrigued me and I love that there are both sized and one size diaper options.  I’m leaning towards sized diapers right now, but you never know.  The one size diapers might surprise me.

What piece of advice would you give to a mom considering cloth diapers for her baby?
My best advice to moms and dads considering cloth diapers is to test out a few different types and brands before you settle on one.  You never know if you’re going to like or dislike AIO’s, AI2’s, Pockets, Fitteds, or Prefolds till you try them.  I see so many people asking what works best so they can go buy their whole stash, but each baby is different and each parent’s likes and dislikes are different, so it’s best to just go try some out for yourself.  One persons favorite might be another person’s enemy and vise versa.
Thanks Chana for sharing your story with us.  Congrats on cloth diapering and on the upcoming arrival of your little boy!

Want to connect with Chana?  You can follow her blog and also connect with her on FaceBook and Twitter!
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