Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday's Featured Fluff Addict is an Etsy Mama...Stacy!

Time to meet another great fluff addict!  This week's featured mama is Stacy!  Read her interview below and get to know her a little better.

Share with us you name and a little about yourself and family:   My name is Stacy Mojica (23). I met my husband Jose (24) in Korea while I was teaching English and he was stationed there with the Army. We have a little girl, Mia Bella, who is 8 months old now. I decided to cloth diaper my baby before she was born, but I was having trouble finding my absolute ideal diaper in the commercial marketplace, so I started experimenting with sewing my own to pass the time while on maternity leave anxiously awaiting baby's arrival. Then I got addicted! I wanted to sew many more diapers than my baby girl could ever wear :P I opened my Etsy shop My Cute Genes on Mothers' Day 2011. 

Location: Hinesville, GA (ft. Stewart) 

Cloth Diapering History: I was not cloth diapered. I was inspired to cloth diaper by my friend Kristine who I met on a What to Expect message board (our birth month board actually, and she happened to live in my hometown!). I have been cloth diapering Mia since she was 1 month old. 

Why cloth diaper? I decided to cloth diaper at first just because the concept was so freaking COOL to me. Like most people, I hadn't thought about diapering or really anything baby before I got pregnant, and I definitely did not know about the evolution of fluff and the comeback it has made since the days of flats, prefolds, and rubber pants. When Kristine told me and sent me links, I started reading. I saw the hybrid flips system and my eyes went O.O I had to try it out. 

Favorite thing about cloth diapers: My favorite thing about cloth diapering is definitely the WOW factor. When people comment "what cute bloomers!" or "look at that baby's cute pants!"  or even, "what a cool diaper cover," I get to say, "Actually, it's a cloth diaper!" For my husband, he looooves to brag to people about how much money we are saving. That is *his* number one thing! 

Does your family support your decision to cloth diaper?  My family is behind me 100%. They think it's awesome that I've decided to become a WAHM and start my own business. They are always promoting my shop by talking it up with their friends and neighbors :) 

A must have accessory: Cloth wipes! It's a pain to have to throw away a disposable wipe in a separate pail. Half the time I'd end up finding half disintegrated wipes in the drier :P Now I use my own 2-ply flannel and flannel/terry cloth cloth wipes exclusively. A lot of people love the thinness (and cheapness!) of baby washcloths those are definitely a great option too. I LOVE showing people how I can accordion fold them and make them POP up out of a wipes case/warmer. 

Is there a Knickernappies product you'd love to try?  I would *really* love a diaper sprayer. I want to say I'm "desperate," but I have rubber gloves so it's not *that* bad :P

Best piece of advice?   I would advise not to become overwhelmed by the plethora of information/articles/websites/shops/products/blogs out there. Just read 1 or 2 Cloth Diapering 101 articles (I really like the one at Diaper Jungle) to be sure you know the basics like how to launder. There are a ton of fantastic youtube channels like The Cloth Diaper Channel and Dirty Diaper Laundry's kdhoney1 (she has an *amazing* series on all the different types of cloth diapers) if you like actually seeing things demonstrated visually. Then buy a sample pack! There is nothing like experiencing something first hand for yourself. There are tons of sample packs that you can buy and return parts of or rent  from retailers. I never did this, and I kind of regret it. Because now I already have enough cloth diapers and my husband's not gonna let me buy more just to "experiment!" lol! Anyway once you've decided what KIND of cloth diaper you like best, use to narrow down your search to a few different brands.
Want to find out more about Stacy, you can connect with her online via the links below.

Etsy shop: My Cute Genes, I have a facebook fan page and a twitter


Anonymous said...

What a cool mom...Mia is a lucky girl! Very inspiring.

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