Thursday, August 4, 2011

What might you need to cloth diaper in the sky? A BlogHer'11 inspired post.

Contributed Article by The Cloth Diaper Geek

Who would have thought that a flight would inspire a cloth diaper related blog post?  Well I suppose if you're a cloth diapering blogger it's no big surprise, but I'm happy about it either way.  A little friendly advice for some of you who might be flying soon or who might plan on traveling to BlogHer in the future.

After spending about two hours in the airport this morning, I have a 4.5 hour flight, then a two hour layover followed by another 45 minute flight.  There are no babies that I've seen so far on my plane but we all know that people travel with babies all the time.

My predicament has got me thinking, "what if I had a baby with me and what if they were in cloth diapers?"  So I decided to put my thinking cap on and imagine what I'd need if I did.

When you're flying it's important to remember that there are times baby will need to be changed which will no doubt be inconvenient or even impossible.  The plane could be in seat belt mode, you could be getting ready to board, your plane's restrooms could be occupied, etc.

Be prepared to have to change anywhere! 
You need a changing pad, a decent sized one.  You might have a seat to lay baby on, somewhere in the bathroom, on a bench in the airport, on your family member's lap?  Be prepared to have to lay baby down, and a burp cloth isn't going to cut it.

Cloth Wipes or Disposables?
Totally up to you what you prefer when it comes to wipes. You might be a die hard cloth wipes user in which case you'll probably bring them without thinking twice.  You want to consider pre-moistening them because airlines have a new rule that you can't bring more than 2oz of a liquid with you.  Convenience wise, you also may not want to be fumbling around with a spray bottle or squirt bottle, plus it's just one more thing that "might" leak out into your purse, diaper bag or luggage. 

Biodegradable, flushable or disposable wipes are an option but keep in mind that you probably won't be able to flush any wipes in the airplanes restroom.

Pocket Diapers or Prefolds?
Again, if you're keen on cloth and an old pro, you'll probably just go with whatever you normally use because you're a pro!  But for everyone else, they might want to consider a convenient option like prestuffed pocket diapers or all-in-ones as opposed to prefolds and covers.

Hybrid Diapers are also a great option!
Hybrid diapers give you the freedom to choose cloth or disposables.  You could plan on the cloth inserts for your whole trip but also take a package of Bio Liners for backup.

You need a wetbag or...two!
Definitely plan for the unexpected.  You get stuck at an airport for longer than expected, you need somewhere to store the extra diapers that you've used.  Pack an extra wetbag for emergencies.

Bring extra diapers!
It's never happened to me (knock on wood) and I hope it never happens to you, but it does happen.  People's flights get delayed, they end up at the airport for a LONG time and sometimes even stuck on the tarmack in a broken down plane.  Make sure you have extra cloth diapers!

Ok, that's my two cents.  If I had to take a baby and they were of diapering age, I'd hopefully take my own advice above and not get stuck in any stinky situations.


Heather - CDO said...

I'll add a tip...when packing for the trip, spread your diapers out into more than one suitcase. That way, if a suitcase goes missing, all of your diapers aren't lost. I usually pack enough into my carry-on for the trip itself plus at least a few hours. I figure that buys me time to go buy diapers if my suitcase is lost.

De in D.C. said...

If you have a slightly older baby, also practice changes standing up. Very few planes have changing tables in the bathrooms, so you'll have to balance on the lid of the (very small) toilet.

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