Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tips for Daddy and Daycare friendly Cloth Diapering!

When starting your cloth diaper journey, there's a lot to soak in.  The information available to you is overwhelming and the different types and styles of cloth diapers all vary in use, from the materials they're made of, how to stuff them, how to fasten them, adjust the rise, etc.

It's easy to feel like using cloth diapers are easy, but we forget that we're the ones who did all the research.  I discovered that cloth diaper fastening, stuffing, and use in general is just not common sense for everyone.

If you want your child's caregiver, daycare, grandparent, daddy or partner to be able to confidently use cloth diapers without you there, you'll have to make it as easy as you can on them.  Here are some tips!
  • Show them!  Give the person who will be changing the cloth diapers a mini demo.  Show them the front, the back, and how to snap the diaper or use aplix.
  • Pre stuff!  If you use pockets, or any diaper for that matter, pre-stuff your inserts into the coordinating diapers.  With fitteds, place the fitted inside the cover so that the caregiver will know what goes with what.  Prefolds?  Opt for the tri-fold and lay it into the cover you'd like used.
  • Less choices!  Perhaps it would be best, especially at first, to leave your child's caregiver with less options.  Leave all the same diaper styles so that they can really get some practice and learn one style at a time.
  • Dirty Diapers!  Spraying diapers might be out of the question depending on who's watching your child and where.  You'll need to explain the importance of a wetbag and how to store the dirty cloth diapers for you until you return.  You DO NOT want to come back and find that some of your expensive cloth diapers have inadvertently been thrown away with the trash!
With any caregiver, especially one who's not used cloth diapers recently, you'll want to give them small doses of exposure.  You might ultimately want them to use prefolds, covers and cloth wipes, but it's best to take baby-steps and not overwhelm them with your passion for cloth.  Ease them into it and when you feel they're on board the cloth diaper train, then try adding new diapers, techniques and accessories like cloth wipes, liners and diaper sprayers.


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