Friday, August 12, 2011

Prolong the life of your cloth diapers with these simple tips!

Everyone wants their cloth diapers to last, either so that they can re-sell them or save them for future children.  Unfortunately by the time you realize you've been doing something "bad" to your diapers it's often too late to make a difference.

There are some easy tips for prolonging the life of your cloth diapers and decreasing the amount of damaging wear and tear they receive.  Let's highlight a few basics.
  • Don't leave them too long before washing.  Scary, gross and very sad but a lot of mom's inadvertently leave their diapers in the diaper pail too long and once you've got black mold...good luck getting it out.  It WILL ruin your diapers.
  • If you line dry, don't leave them in the sun too long.  A little sunning is great and line drying will save you a lot of money, but don't forget about your diapers and leave them out in the sun all day every time.  Too much heat and sun will fade your diapers and cause a breakdown of the elastics and pul.  Once in a while and you're in the clear, but leaving them outside for hours and hours every time is not a good idea.
  • Machine Drying.  Figure out how long your pocket diaper shells and covers take to dry and then get yourself into the habit of taking them out at that point in the cycle.  Diaper covers, since they rarely consist of absorbent materials, are almost dry when they come off the spin cycle in your washer.  If you have enough diapers that you can wait, then we suggest you hang them to dry.  Chances are they'll be dry in 30 minutes and you'll have been able to avoid the dryer all together.  If you leave your covers and pockets in the dryer longer than needed you are decreasing their life span.
  • Aplix.  Have aplix/velcro diapers?  Make sure your laundry tabs are secure before washing and drying.  The aplix is usually scratchy and during washing and drying they can damage your other cloth diapers and cause pilling and snags.  
These are just a few basic suggestions for prolonging the life of your cloth diapers and tips for keeping them looking newer longer.  Have a suggestion that you didn't see mentioned, then please share it with us via the comments below.


Morgan Stevens said...

This is helpful advice! Especially since we haven't started yet. Thanks!

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