Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Going Green to Save Green: Save $2000 or more when you choose cloth diapers!

From the I Love Cloth Diapers Blog

Choosing cloth diapers can save you a ton!  How much green can you feasibly save when you choose to use cloth diapers?  Let's take a quick look at the fluffy figures.

Let's pretend I am going to use prefolds, snappis and one-size covers.  Free Shipping would most likely apply to my order and from birth to potty training I shouldn't need to purchase more than 4 dozen prefolds, 8 covers ad four snappis.

With disposables I am assuming that baby would potty train at age 2.5yrs which is pretty optimistic, but works for the purpose of this comparison.

Cloth Diapers Disposable Diapers
(8) One Size Covers $79.92Approx. .32cents each
(4) Dozen Prefolds $139.20 8per day for 6 months =$467.20
(4) Snappi Fasteners $15.80 6per day for 24 months=$1752.00
Total $234.92 Total $2219.20
Additional Expenses Additional Expenses
Cloth WipesDisposable Wipes
Cloth Diaper SprayerGas to and from Store
Cloth Diaper DetergentSupplies for Disposal (Diaper Genie, etc.)

This simple chart gives both cloth diapers and disposables a realistic comparison.  Yes, you can expect to need more covers or more cloth diaper accessories and Yes, you can expect that your child might not potty train until they're 3 yrs old or might need more than 8 per day from birth through 6 months.

Even with this basic, optimistic look at both diapering options, cloth diapering clearly will save you money over disposables, at least $2000 to be exact!  That's a LOT of green!

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Anonymous said...

I wanted/planned on using cloth from the beginning, but what I bought never fit my preemie. When she was just over a year I tried cloth because I was spending $100+/month for dispos. I LOVED the cloth: no more yeast rash and washing cloth diapers is not as bad as my mother claimed, especially if you get a diaper sprayer for the toilet. GO CLOTH!

Mama Duff said...

I love cloth diapering and Knickernappies diapers! I do think that these price comparisons often leave out a lot of "hidden costs" to diapering which think can be misleading. I know my husband was disappointed when I started spending so much! While some of the following are not "necessary" many people end up purchasing the following items as part of the process: Laundry bags, wet bags, diaper sprayer, special diaper friend rash cream (always more costly), doublers for night time, laundry detergent, etc. Please keep in mind this list doesn't even include the highly addictive nature of cloth diapering between the product color, prints, and styles, the washing routines, and the fabulous and supportive community!

Anonymous said...

You people are crazy! A case of pampers is like 35$ at Sams club or Costco. There are 3 weeks worth of diapers in a case. We spend like 600$ a year on disposables, we buy wipes every month and thats less than 20$. As for our extra expenditure of gas, we pick this stuff up when were grocery shopping!!! Its not an extra trip.

You have the increased electric bill, plus detergent, and whats your time worth???

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