Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Crunchy vs. Hip: Can you be both? The Haute Green Social Hour proved you can!

Well mamas, I'm here to testify that you can be BOTH hip and crunchy!  While away on my trip to BlogHer'11 I had the pleasure of attending a special event for cloth diapering, green and eco-friendly bloggers.  Let me tell you, there were some fashionistas there!

The event was appropriately named The Haute Green Social Hour and it took place at the Dragons Den restaurant in San Diego.  There were mamas (and some papas) there from various blogs and covering all sorts of topics and genres.  The event and accompanying swag had a heavy focus on cloth diapers and breastfeeding and each guest left with a bag full of goodies sure to make every fluff loving mama drool.

From babywearing to breastfeeding, flip flops to stilettos, this group was a haute bunch!  The best BlogHer'11 party I attended!

Here are a couple of my personal pics from the event!
SAPsmama & EcoCrazyMom
Some "haute" guests
Swag Bags
The crowd
The event also has a Flickr Album you can check out here.

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