Monday, July 18, 2011

Save space with the Knickernappies Doorknob Pail!

What is the Doorkob Pail you might wonder?'s pure awesomeness!  The Knickernappies Doorknob Pail is similar to a wetbag but larger, large enough to replace the need for a diaper pail. 

The Doorknob Pail is perfect for cloth diapers.  It can hang on a doorknob, changing table, bathroom door or on a hook.  It's made from the same waterproof materials as our award winning cloth pocket diapers and is desinged to store your dirty diapers while you wait for laundry day.

Ready to wash?  Simply toss the Doorknob Pail into the washer with your cloth diapers, then toss in the dryer for 15 minutes or turn inside out and hang to dry.

Go beyond cloth diapers!  The Doorknob Pail can even be used beyond the diapering age.  Use it as a laundry bag in your you childs room, in the bathroom for wet washcloths, towels or other delicates.  Have a pool?  The Dorrknob Pail would work great out on the patio and could be used to hold wet bathing suits and more.

The Doorknob Pail comes in 11 great colors:
  • Baby Blue
  • Butter Yellow
  • Celery
  • Chocolate
  • Raspberry
  • Royal Blue
  • SeaSpray
  • Spring Green
  • Turquoise
  • Violet
  • White
To purchase a Knickernappies Doorknob Pail please locate a retailer near you!


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