Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Freedom of Cloth Carnival, Falling in Love with my Prefolds

The Freedom of Cloth Carnival is scheduled over the week of July 4th (July 3-9) to celebrate the beauty of finding independence from unnecessary waste through the use of cloth diapers, as well as to support independent, mama-run businesses.  Organized by Natural Parents Network.

The relationship I have with my prefolds is much like an arranged marriage. I bought them because they’re cheap but I had no idea how to use them. I figured it would be a good idea to have them as back-up, but I always looked at them with disdain since I didn’t really want them hanging around. It wasn’t until I started having smelly issues with my pocket diapers and microfiber inserts that I finally took the plunge and began to use them.

Since I had no clue how prefolds should be folded, I had to do some research. At first, I would tri-fold them and stuff them inside a pocket diaper, which works but looks sort of weird. I never had any intentions of doing fancy dancy folds, so when I found the bikini twist, I was all over it. What could be easier than laying your baby on the prefold and pulling up the front in a twist? Fastened with a snappi and covered, this was a perfect, quick solution for my wiggle worm.

So I was starting to like these large, flat pieces of cloth. They dry nicely in the dryer, I didn’t have any leaking
problems and my girls didn’t get rashes from them. I bought more of them and started using my pocket diapers as covers with a tri-folded prefold and all was right with the world. Whenever a rash or smell issue would pop up, I’d fall back on my prefolds because even in the midst of build-up, they still tend to treat my daughters’ sensitive skin better than anything else.

I have a lot of pocket diapers and some fitteds, but it is truly the prefold that I wish I had more of. If I had the chance to start over with a new stash, I would absolutely spend the money on prefolds and covers and buy almost nothing else. In terms of an “arranged marriage,” this one certainly worked out for the best!

Amanda is passionate about natural parenting and green living. She enjoys chasing after her two daughters, cooking, sewing, writing and gardening. In her spare time,  she volunteers as an articles editor for Natural Parents Network. Her blog, "Let's Take the Metro," is about as diverse as it could be.


Shannon @ The Artful Mama said...

Great post! I agree. I love my prefolds, I have other fancier diapers but if I could only use prefolds I'd still be a happy cloth mama!
We'll be hosting the carnival again next year so keep in touch so we can properly link up.

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