Friday, July 1, 2011

Faking the big "O"-Is it on the rise?

Non-Organic Products in Organic Packaging?
There no denying that the demand for organic products, food, clothing and even cloth diapers are on the rise.  Even retail giants like Wal-Mart are suddenly carrying an ever increasing number of "organic" or "green" products.  The problem...are they really organic?  And how can we know for sure?

Recently it came to light that even some of the greenest most eco-friendly and supposedly "organic" brands are not actually organic and may actually contain NO organic ingredients, not even a trace.  Customers, fans and consumers alike all feed cheated, lied to and taken advantage of.

We as consumers, usually pay a great deal more for organic versions of our favorite products.  We want a more natural and healthy alternative for ourselves and our children and we want to also support the organic industry while we're at it.  But we've been duped.

There are of course two sides to every story, every news article, blog post and then some.  Obviously the larger the company being accused the greater funding they have to spend on denying the claims.

YOU, are the one given the choice.  You can read both sides, all the information you can find, and then decide for yourselves which brands you would like to continue to support or not support.

I'm going to list just a few enlightening links below that you can choose to read or not read depending on if this is a topic you'd like to learn more about.

Articles you should check out:

What are your thoughts on this and how do you plan to protect yourselves and your families from being taken advantage of?


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